Tips To Protect Your Family From Zika Virus

Tips To Protect Your Family From Zika Virus

The early fall brings the concern of the Zika Virus into play. Zika is a disease that spreads through mosquito bites. It can be transferred to humans and can have a similar effect as that of yellow fever and dengue. The name of this disease is derived from Uganda’s Zika Forest, the place from where it originated.

It first occurred in 1950 and covered the whole of Africa to Asia. In the year 2016, a wider view of the Zika Virus came into play when it outbroke in the American continents, especially in Brazil.

Let’s know the symptoms, Zika Virus prevention, and treatment methods.

Who Is At Risk?

Expectant mothers & unborn babies are at higher risk. Any child or adult bitten by the mosquito will show mild illness. However, pregnant women giving birth to babies can experience pregnancy loss and birth defects due to Zika infection.

On top of it, Zika Virus can spread via sexual intercourse as well. CDC recommends waiting for eight weeks to avoid exposure to Zika.

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Symptoms of Zika Virus

Before you know the treatment of the Zika Virus, let’s know what all symptoms the virus has on the individual.

Some of the common symptoms of the Zika Virus are rash, joint pain, fever, conjunctivitis, pink eye, and headache.

The symptoms could be mild and last only a few weeks. People with the virus don’t require any hospitalization as the chances of the virus being fatal are negligible.

Treatment of Zika Virus

There’s no particular medication to prevent Zika Virus. However, it is advised to stay hydrated and take enough rest.

Talking about the complications, Zika Virus is known to cause Guillain-Barre Syndrome, an autoimmune illness & neurological disorder that leads to muscle weakness, paralysis, and nerve damage.

Moreover, Zika infection is linked to heart disease as well. The research is still ongoing about the complications of viruses in children and adults.

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How To Prevent Family From Zika Virus?

As per CDC, Zika Virus spreads more when traveling. People who traveled to the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, Mexico, South America, the pacific islands got infected while traveling. You can visit CDC's official website to know more about Zika infection risk and travel recommendations.

Follow these tips and avoid mosquito bites-

Make use of DEET insect repellent. Make sure you read the labels carefully about how often one needs to reapply it, whether it is safe for children, etc.

To avoid biting mosquitoes, wear light-colored clothing that offers maximum coverage. Avoid dark colors as it attracts mosquitoes.

During dusk and dawn, mosquitoes are highly active. So, make sure you close doors and windows appropriately.

Put insect net around your bed and screen doors well.

Since standing water breeds more mosquitoes, you should avoid it thoroughly. Cover the area that leaks water.

Apart from following these tips on Zika Virus, you can use the Zika Virus prevention kit as well for 100% safety.

Since there’s no vaccine yet available to prevent Zika Virus infection, you need to take extreme care from your side.

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