Top 10 Interesting Facts about the world, You Have Ever Known!

Top 10 Interesting Facts about the world, You Have Ever Known!
Interesting Facts about the world

If you never see, you never believe. Yes there are 197 countries in the world, with lots of secrets and facts, you don’t know ever existed. These interesting facts about the world not only amaze you, but also you started to question yourself, “Are you living in this world?”

Like in our country India, there is a temple for rats in Rajasthan known as Karni Mata Temple and RoopKund Glacial Lake in Uttarakhand Known as a Skeleton Lake, because skeleton was found inside it. These Interesting facts even we Indians don’t know about it.

 Here we are digging some Interesting facts about the world that will blow your mind.

Top 10 Interesting Facts about the World

1. Country with Highest Number of Lakes – Canada

Interesting Facts About The World: Country With Highest Number of Lakes

With1.42 millions of lakes around the world, you can find 62% of lakes only in Canada. Home to 8,79,800 lakes.

Ex-: The Great Bear Lake is the largest lake in Canada, Lake Manitoba is the largest salt lake in Canada

2. Country with Most Youngest Population – Niger

Interesting Facts About the World: Country With Youngest Population

You'll be surprised to know this interesting fact about the world is that youngest population is in Niger an African poor country, located in Western Africa.

Niger tops the country list of young people. Here half of the population is 14 year old or younger.

3. Country with Most Battle Tanks – Russia

Interesting Facts About the World: Country with Most Battle Tanks, Russia

After watching Russian army and its arms power over Ukraine. You’ll not be surprised that this country tops the list of most battle tank, with 15,398 battle tanks, this is highest in the world.

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4. Least Densely Populated Country – Greenland

Interesting Facts About The World: Least Densely Populated Country- Greenland

Greenland Island Nation has 80% area covered by glaciers. It is least densely populated country with only 0.4 people living per square mile.

5. Most Pyramid in The World – Sudan

Interesting Facts About The World: Country With Most Pyramid- Sudan

Whenever we listen about the name Pyramid, only tourist spot name that comes into our mind is “Egypt”. But interesting fact is that most number of pyramid are found in Sudan, approximately 255pyramid, twice the no. of Egypt.  Pyramid in Sudan Known as Nubian Pyramid, built by Nubian Pharaohs.

6. Earthquake Proof Ancient City – Macchu Pichu, Peru

Interesting Facts About The World: Earthquake Proof Ancient City - Macchu Pichu, Peru

Macchu Pichu is not only on the list of ancient wonders, but also in the list of interesting facts about the world. This city can withstand earthquakes.

Located above 8000 feet in Peru, built by ancient Incan genius engineers. They created a brilliant technique called "Ashlar Masonry”. Rocks are cut in a way to perfectly cut together without mortar; it allows the stones to move in its place during earthquake, before setting back in their original position.

7. Most Tourist Visited Country in The World – France

Interesting Facts About The World: Most Visited Country, France

France is a country with beautiful architecture and also known as Capital of fashion. It always tops the list of best tourist destination. Before covid it was most visited by tourist in the world approximately 89 million people annually.

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8. Most Obese People in the world – Nauru

Interesting Facts About The World: Most Obese People In The World - Nauru

Known as Republic of Nauru,this small island located in Oceania, has most of the population obese approximately 62% adult population.

Interesting fact about Nauru 97%of men and 93% of women are obese, that’s why it is known as world fattest country.

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9. Most number of Cricket Stadium in the World – India

Interesting Facts About The World: Most Number Of Stadium In The World- India

Well most of the cricket lovers in India know this interesting fact, with 52 stadiums; it is highest number in the world among any country. With Narendra Modi Stadium and Eden Garden comes into the top 10 list of world’s largest stadium.

10. Country with No Coca Cola – North Korea And Cuba

Interesting Facts About The World: Country With No Coca Cola - North Korea& Cuba

You think you can find Coke in every country, so you are wrong. North Korea and Cuba are the two countries, where you cannot find Coke in any of the grocery stores.

Due to the ongoing trade embargoes and sanction, you cannot find this carbonated drink.

World is full of amazing facts and surprises that you have never heard about it before. Remember these top 10 Interesting facts about the world, which improves your General knowledge and generate curiosity for more.











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