Top 10 Worst Hollywood Movies of All Time You Will Regret After Watching

Top 10 Worst Hollywood Movies of All Time You Will Regret After Watching
Top 10 worst Hollywood Movies

When we think of Hollywood movies, we often think about those blockbusters, action-packed, high-quality VFX, and the best Sci-Fi stories. They simply blow our minds. But, there are some movies which were a total disaster.

And you can’t stop thinking, why on earth, do they make these kinds of movies? Below are the worst Hollywood movies of all time.

Check the list till the end so that you don’t accidentally watch them out of curiosity or big titles. 

Worst Hollywood Movies of All Time You Should Never Watch

1)Battlefield Earth(2000)-

Worst Hollywood Movies of All Time: Battlefield Earth

Battlefield Earth tops the list of worst Hollywood movies ever made. Even its executive producer said later:

"It was a shit concept with a shit book and a shit script that should never have been made."

This crap story is set up in the far future in the year 3000. The dreadlocked 9ft. tall alien is played by Hollywood famous John Travolta. And, Berry Pepper tries to save the earth's civilization from the aliens.

It was a mistake of Hollywood's best actor Travolta to act in this movie.

2)Batman & Robin(1997)-

Worst Hollywood Movies: Batman and Robin

When you watch Batman& Robin, the first thing that will come to your mind is that you are watching a comedy show.

Hollywood famous stars like George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Kill Bill fame Uma Therman were unable to save this movie.

Their costumes look like they borrowed them from a local circus. This is a stain in Batman Franchise movies.

3)Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever(2002)-

Worst Hollywood Movies: Ballistic: Ecks Vs Sever

This is another crap in the list of worst Hollywood movies of all time. If you are suffering from insomnia, you don't need a sleeping pill, just watch this movie.

The story is all about those other films saving the human from the villain. An FBI agent and DIA agent are enemies of each other. Later, they join hands to put down the main villain, who develops a device to eliminate a human.

The only thing you can see is action and no good plot.

4) Jaws: The Revenge(1987)-

Worst Hollywood Movies: Jaws: The Revenge

Jaws: The Revenge is a 4th installment in the series of Jaws movies. Its first movie Jaws (1975) directed by the most notable director Steven Spielberg was highly successful. But its other three sequels did not follow that success maybe because those were not directed by Spielberg.

The movie has a funny plot where a shark is taking revenge on the family members who killed other sharks. And you'll start to think how the shark is so intelligent?

The shark in this film looks like a toy due to bad visual effects. So, totally a time waste with a stupid plot.

5)Human Centipede Series(2009,2011,2015)-

Human Centipede is the worst Hollywood movie series of all time. Maybe screenwriters and directors were suffering from some mental illness, that they made this kind of disturbing movie series.

The film story itself shows that mentally ill scientists operated on humans and join them together to make a human centipede.

You'll feel nausea and get an upset stomach after watching it.

6) The Last Days of American Crime(2020)-

Worst Hollywood Movies: The Last Days of American Crime

The Last Days of American Crime is totally a disaster; it’s a crime thriller movie.

The storyline is not good. Bad photography, total vulgarity, and brutality make a film even worse. They just made a film without any direction.

Even audience did not understand where the story was heading to.

7) Highlander II: The Quickening(1991)-

Worst Hollywood Movies: Highlander II

Whenever we think about alien movies, the first movie that comes into our mind is blockbuster Star Wars. Highlander is also a movie with the concept of aliens.

However, plot is a little different but boring. Two aliens are sent to earth as a punishment to live as a human. They will remain immortal. After that, they save the earth from an impending doom.

James Bond fame Sean Connery definitely regrets acting in this movie.

8)National Lampoon's Gold Digger(1988)-

Worst Hollywood Movies: National Lampoon's Gold Diggers

This movie shows you that when you mix humour and comedy in a bad way. The outcome is always a disaster.

The story is meaningless. Two incompetent conmen marry old rich ladies so they can inherit their money when they die.

9) The Last Airbender(2010)-

Worst Hollywood Movies: The Last Airbender

M.Night  Shyamalan is an outstanding director for making out-of-the-box movies like Sixth Sense and Sign. But, this one didn't serve well to the audience.

The Last Airbender is an adaptation of the anime show on Nickelodeon. Most of the audience had watched the anime show already so expectations were high.

However, the film failed badly due to the absence of humor.

10)Ridiculous 6(2015)-

Worst Hollywood Movies: Ridiculous 6

Comedy sometimes becomes awful, when you put bad dialogues in it. Same happened with Ridiculous 6.

This Native American movie is loaded with racist comedy and dialogue. You won’t understand it at once and the entire 2 hours will go waste.

Don’t spend another 2 hours on watching Ridiculous 6 again to understand as it’s truly ridiculous.

Whenever we watch movies for our enjoyment, popcorn is must. But these movies are not even worth of the popcorn. Still, you want to know if they are that bad then watch these movies at your own risk.

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