Top 3 Ways To Reach Shimla From Delhi Hassle-Free

Top 3 Ways To Reach Shimla From Delhi Hassle-Free

Shimla being the summer capital of the British Raj and capital city of Himachal Pradesh is one of the best vacation destinations all year-round. For both international and domestic travelers, it’s a delightful tourist hotspot to rejuvenate mind and spirit. The town of Shimla gives you a pleasant walking experience on either side of the hills which is surrounded by oak and pine forests.

But the only problem you can face while having a trip to Shimla is picking the right transportation that fits your time, budget, and other preferences. Don’t worry; we have summed up 3 top ways to reach Shimla from Delhi.

Reach Shimla From Delhi By Road

The gap between Shimla and Delhi is 350 kilometers and it takes only 7-8 hours to travel. If you are traveling with friends or family members, the best option is a road trip. You can either take a bike trip or a taxi trip that allows you to enjoy the roadside sceneries. Here are 3 route maps,

Route Map 1: Delhi > Panipat > Karnal > Kurukshetra > Ambala > Pinjore > Kasauli > Shimla

The shortest route you can take is NH 44, 5, and 152. It will take 7-8 hours.

Route Map 2: Delhi > Panipat > Karnal > Yamunanagar > Solan > Chail > Shimla

It will take 10-11 hours if you catch this route via NH 44 and 5.

Route Map 3: Delhi > Ghaziabad > Meerut > Muzaffarnagar > Dehradun > Kolar > Barog > Shimla

This route will take a bit longer, somewhat 12-13 hours, and is popularly called as ‘Dehradun Route’

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Reach Shimla From Delhi By Train

There is no direct train to Shimla from Delhi; however, you can take a train from Delhi to Kalka and then Kalka to Shimla. Some of the train names you can catch include KALKA SHTBDI (12011), KALKA SHTBDI (12005), SNSI KLK SUP EXP, Himalayan Queen, PASCHIM EXPRESS, and HWH DLI KLK MAIL.

After arriving at Kalka you can take trains like SHIVALK DLX EXP, KALKA SIMLA EXP, HIMALAYAN QUEEN, RAIL MOTOR, and KLK SML PASS to reach SHIMLA.

Reach Shimla From Delhi By Air

The fastest way to reach Shimla from Delhi is through the air. It takes only an hour to land Shimla. Some of the best flights to pick include,

Air India: Air India departs at 5.45 am from Delhi and reaches at 6.35 am to Shimla. The fare starts from Rs. 1,986 per person.

Indigo: Indigo leaves at 6.50 pm from Delhi and reaches Shimla by 07.45 am. The fare starts from Rs. 2,233 per person.

Alliance Air-Air India: The flight of Alliance Air-Air India leaves at 5.45 pm from Delhi and reaches Shimla by 06.55 pm. The fare starts from Rs. 4,036 per person.

The fare might vary from Rs. 1500- 5000 as per the airline route, season, and booking window. You can take up any of the ways to reach Shimla from Delhi as per your budget, travel style, and preferences. 

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