Top 5 Remedies For Hair Growth

Top 5 Remedies For Hair Growth

Who doesn’t love strong and long hair, having this dreamy hair is not easy as hair growth is one of the most common problems these days. Growing your hair not only increases your self-esteem but also boosts your confidence. There are various brands for hair in the market but they are filled with heavy and harmful chemicals. So why not try some home remedies for hair growth.

In this article, we will discuss, the best home remedies for hair growth.

Home remedies for hair growth

1. Oil your hair 

Oil provides moisture to the scalp and removes the dead skin cells from the skin and provides nourishment to the hair. Massage your hair daily it improves the blood flow, which encourages hair growth. Massaging your hair not only helps in growth but also gives relief from tension and stress.

Make sure you massage your hair with your fingertips, not with fingernails. 

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2. Indian gooseberry or Amla

Indian gooseberry or amla is considered one of the prime sources for hair growth. It has fatty acid which helps in strengthening the hair follicles. Amla has Vitamin C and iron which prevents hair from greying and fight with dandruff.

How to use:

Add coconut oil and heat till it turns brown, add amla powder to it. Massage with this mix for 10 minutes to your scalp and leave it for 45 minutes.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel is magical, you can use it for various benefits. It is filled with zinc, copper, fatty acid, and essential acids which boost hair growth

How to use:

You can apply direct gel to your scalp.

Add 5 drops of lemon juice, and 2 drops of tea tree oil with 3 spoons of aloe vera get, mix them well. Massage your scalp with this mixture and leave it for 30 minutes after that wash it off. 

4. Eggs

Whether eat eggs or use on hair, it's up to you but it is going to benefit you. Eggs are good for all types of hair, they moisturize them, and make them smooth. They mainly provide nourishment to the hair. If you don’t want to use a chemical-based conditioner then eggs are the best replacement for it.

How to use:

Add 2 eggs and 2 spoons of yogurt, mix them well to make a paste. Apply the paste as a hair mask and wash it off after 30 minutes.

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5. Onion Juice

Your hair is made up of 70% keratin and onions are filled with it. Onion juice improves blood circulation in the scalp and promotes hair growth.

How to use:

Blend and squeeze the juice out of the onion, and it to your scalp for 10-15 minutes before using the shampoo. Use it once a week to see the evident changes. 

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