Top 5 Technology Trends In 2021

Top 5 Technology Trends In 2021

After the disruptions caused by the coronavirus crisis, companies are focusing more on building new technologies to shape a better future for everyone. But, what does this mean for you?

It means, staying in alignment with the top technology trends ensures you a safe job tomorrow. Thus, keeping an eye over these technologies becomes so essential.

Here are the top 5 emerging trends that are best for you if you wish to work with global IT professionals and live a dream lifestyle.

Latest Information Technology Trends in India

1. Artificial Intelligence

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AI or Artificial Intelligence has created a lot of buzz in the information industry. This notable technology has affected how we live, work and interact with others. Some of the examples are speech and image recognition, smartphone personal assistants navigation apps, and ride-sharing apps.

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There has been a huge demand for machine learning engineers in all types of industries over the past years. So, if you learn this emerging technology, you can easily get a job as data scientists, robot monitoring professionals, automation specialists, etc.

2. Edge Computing

top strategic technology trends for 2021

It’s a whole new trend which has recently joined the list of latest technologies. This mainstream technology provides cloud solutions. Edge computing process time-sensitive data where there’s no connectivity.

It will increase the usage of IoT or the Internet of Things. It is estimated by the end of 2022, edge computing will have a market share of $6.72 billion. Thus, creating a wonderful opportunity for software engineers, DevOps cloud engineers, cloud infrastructure engineers, etc.

3. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

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VR and AR are the two next exceptional technology trends. VR takes the user in a whole new environment and AR does the enhancing of that environment. This technology is primarily created for the gaming industry however today its use can be seen everywhere. For example, to train Army, Navy, and Coast Guard Ship captains.

If you take these optics as a skill-set, you will encounter various opportunities in education, marketing, entertainment, and other industry domains.

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4. Robotic Process Automation

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Just like Machine Learning and AI, RPA or robotic process automation is another top strategic technology trend for 2021. It’s basically software used to automate business processes like processing transactions, interpreting applications, replying to emails, and dealing with data.

RPA offers various career opportunities like business analyst, developer, project manager, and consultant, and solution architect. All these are high-paying secure jobs that can make your dream lifestyle come true.

5. Quantum Computing

Top technology trends in 2021

Another remarkable technology trend that is benefiting various industries is Quantum Computing. It helped in through research and analysis to develop a coronavirus vaccine.  

Another field where this amazing technology can be founded is finance and banking. It helps in managing high-frequency trading, credit risk, and fraud detection.

Even top brands like Microsoft, Google, and Honeywell make use of Quantum Computing for bringing innovations. So, if you aim to get a job in any of these brands, you can study this trendy skill.

A whole new future is waiting for you on its horizon. All you need to do is go with the flow with these top 5 technology trends in 2021.


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