Underrated Perks That Prove Being Single Is The Best

Underrated Perks That Prove Being Single Is The Best

Relationships, dating, proposals, love all these terms we are well aware of, aren't we? So much, that being single is called to be embarrassing. I am sure, in conversations like these, you must've have faced the question, "Why are you single? You're perfectly fine." As if being single isn't a choice but an obligation. 

Well let me tell you, you're not alone, being single, going through this. Singlehood is perfectly fine even better, than a relationship sometimes. Don't believe me? 

Let me draw a few reasons why being single is the best thing, so that next time someone questions your choice you have the perfect counter points. 

1. You Become Self-Reliant

One of the best benefits of being single is the independence that comes with it, you are not reliant on anybody for assurance or validation, you basically control your own life! 

2. You Can Flirt Without Fear

Let's face it: flirting cannot be avoided where there is attraction, whether single or not. Being single gives you that advantage of choosing who you flirt with and if you love to flirt, singlehood is for you.

3. Possibility of Making New Friends

A relationship often demands you to spend most of your time with your partner, leaving not enough time to make new friends or meet new people. One of the perks of being single is you can always make new friends & you don't have anyone to explain anything to, isn't it great?

4. You Get Time to Work On Yourself

It is said, you cannot love someone else, if you don't love yourself. Self love only comes when you work on yourself, on your strengths and weaknesses, on your growth. 
When you have time for yourself, spending it on oneself can make you a better person entirely.

5. You Make Your Own Decisions

When you're involved with a person, your life decisions become an integral part of the other person's life, so, you have to ask or talk about it with the person involved. Being single has no such obligation, you want to wear blue? Wear it! You want to hangout with friends at night? Do it! Own your single self!

6. You Have Lesser Chance of Getting Hurt

Yep, you heard it right, and I know you agree, when you are living the single life, there are way less chances of you getting hurt and more of you eating your favourite dish. And who wants to get hurt, even when dating?  Right? 

Relationships and singlehood are a part of life, and we need to learn how to embrace it. Being single can be a choice and not an obligation, relationships are fun for some and not so much for some, you do you, and have fun with it.

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