Track Your Sleep With Apple Watch By Following These Simple Steps

Track Your Sleep With Apple Watch By Following These Simple Steps

Apple has recently launched Watch Series 7 with an upgraded OS i.e WatchOS 8. The watch allows you to track sleep timing. The latest watchOS8 is compatible with Watch Series 3,4, 5,6, and Special Editions. The sleep tracking feature was initially launched with watchOS 7. 

The in-built Sleep app detects your sleeping time by using motion. Make sure you are wearing your Apple Watch to track your sleep. You are only required to set the sleeping time on your watch and calculate your sleeping hours.

That's how Apple Watch tracks your Sleep

  1. Sleep tracking is combined with the Bedtime feature in iPhone’s Clock. Create your sleeping schedule using the iPhone clock. 
  2. Before Bedtime starts, you will receive a reminder and your Apple Clock will be locked and automatically goes to sleep mode. 
  3. The clock also features the "Do Not Disturb" option which automatically turns on.  
  4. Choose whether you want to charge reminders or not, you will be warned when the battery is below 30%. 
  5. During Sleep mode, you will be required to turn the digital crown to unlock your watch. 
  6. Also, make sure disabling sleep mode will stop sleep tracking. 

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Set up Sleep Tracking on Apple Watch

Follow the below instructions to set sleep tracking time on your Apple Watch: 

  1. Make sure, the Apple Watch you has are using has the latest watchOS and is compatible with the iOS 14 or higher. 
  2. Set up Sleep on the iPhone’s health app or set up sleep via the Sleep app.
  3. Select the sleep duration.
  4. Set the Bedtime and wake-up time. Choose whether you want this schedule every day or just weekdays.
  5. Set a relaxation time before going to bed. 
  6. Set an alarm.
  7. You can check your sleeping pattern in iPhone’s Health app by week or month. Check whether you met your sleeping goals and how many gaps were there. 

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