Train Experiences in India, You can’t Miss !

Train Experiences in India, You can’t Miss !
Train Experiences in India, You can’t Miss !

”A train journey has it all; Experience, Short and Tall”

Fast-moving technology has brought in numerous ways to travel across the globe. The invention of the wheel; - hence known as one of the greatest achievements of mankind. From bullock cart, cycles, bikes till train and aeroplane. Nothing would have been possible without Wheels. 

But today let’s discuss Trains. There would be hardly anyone today who hasn’t travelled by Train yet and everyone has their Train Travel stories. Especially, when we talk about our Indian Train, the experience is great. You find people creating bonds, playing cards, sharing food and stories while they travel across the length and breadth of our Country.

Many in our country - catch a train to reach office, some travel to meet relatives and family member, some for business and some to reach their favourite holiday destination. But it's always an experience. Now allow me to share a few most awesome train travel experiences that you can enjoy in India and it’s something you can’t miss.

Below mentioned are a few Train Travel experiences that you will not be able to forget. The serene nature’s beauty; hills, forests, tunnels, giant waterfall, deserts, and even ocean will fill your eyes, mind, and soul.

1. Mandapam-Rameswaram


The Chennai-Rameswaram train. The only rail route that includes the endless sea beauty. The experience of Sethu Express is quite interesting and scary. The views are amazing.

This adventurous ride will make you bounce from your seat to windows but there would be a constant fear as the train moves on a bridge that is built over the sea. If you love adventure and train rides - this route is something you shouldn’t miss.

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2. Vasco-de-Gama to Londa

Vasco-de-Gama to Londa

This route recently got popularity from the famous Hindi movie, Chennai Express. The train journey begins from Vasco-de-Gama in Goa and reaches Londa in Karnataka.

The train takes you on a magical mystery ride from the beaches, wobbly curves, and to the popular Dudhsagar Waterfall. One can notice a variety of landscapes and capture them in your eye and cameras. 

3. New Jalpaiguri - Darjeeling

New Jalpaiguri - Darjeeling

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is an experience. People from across the globe visit Darjeeling for a ride on a narrow-gauge railway track. Did you know? This journey is even listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

This toy train journey takes you around Mt Kanchenjunga with the fantastic views and scenic beauty one can’t imagine.  

4. Jaisalmer - Jodhpur

Jaisalmer - Jodhpur

The Desert Queen route offers desert, arid and barren land. The train passes across the Thar Desert of Rajasthan flaunting its sand, culture, and desert flora and fauna. The train passes through the Thar Desert of Rajasthan.  

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5. Mumbai - Delhi

Mumbai - Delhi

The Indian Maharaja Deccan Odyssey is one of the luxury trains in India. This train allows you to travel in style like a Maharaja as its name depicts. The train has it all for onboard guests, from a gymnasium, library to an ayurvedic spa centre. The train halts at places near tourist destinations for a ride you won’t forget. 


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