Travel hacks for solo female travelers in India

Travel hacks for solo female travelers in India

Solo traveling is on the bucket list of every person who is bitten by a travel bug. But for women travelers, it gets a bit tricky. Sadly, India is not a very safe place for women. A glance at the reports of the National Crimes Records Bureau (NCRB) will make you shiver. But that doesn’t stop a girl from dreaming, is it? We have some amazing hacks for you if you want to step out of the house and explore the world alone. 

#Do Thorough Research

First and foremost, diligently research the place that you want to visit. The places that you want to visit, how safe that particular city is in dark, the best (safe) medium of transport, etc. These minute details help in ensuring that you have a safe trip. 

#Choose Your Stay Carefully

Staying in a shady cheap hotel might be a good idea for adventure (think Jab We Met), but it’s not a great idea if you are traveling alone. Do not depend on the last-minute options or the suggestions of your cabbie. It might get you in trouble. Choose a hotel which has good reliable reviews to make your pleasant. 


#Keep Money Handy

Even though online money transactions are pretty common in all parts of India still you might like to keep some change with you all the time. Many times local vendors or taxi and auto drivers ask for cash instead of online money transfer. Also, do not keep all your money in one place. Keep it divided into different stashes to deal with any sort of crisis. 

#Internet Is A Must

Internet is your best friend when you are traveling alone. Read the reviews of the place you’re visiting and the hotels that you will stay in. Moreover, whenever you’re out, keep your google maps open. In short, be vigilant to be safe. 

#Be Vigilant

Learn about the local customs and if there are problem areas in the city that you’re traveling. Don’t use earbuds while walking in the city. Use your phones carefully and phone snatching is a problem all around the country and flashy smartphones are the easiest target. Be confident while traveling to people, make eye contact. 

#Plan And Organise 

It’s true that over planning a trip can be a joy killer, but when you decide to travel alone in India, it’s important. Decide the itinerary in advance so that you can reach your hotel in time. Check the timing of places that you want to visit because a lot of tourist attractions close at sunset. Decide the places that you want to explore in a day in order to utilize your time well. Planning will help you from a lot of inconveniences. 

#Do Not Over-pack

Women tend to over-pack and it is not a cliché. But when you are traveling solo it’s important that you travel light. Choose clothes that can be styled in multiple ways. Pack footwear that is both chic and comfortable. And only pack the items that you can carry without feeling tired. It will make your trip much more enjoyable. 

#Trust Your Gut

Whenever you feel the situation is not right, take action. There have been cases of hackling in broad daylight at a famous tourist destination in India. Don’t be afraid of screaming. Keep women’s helpline numbers on your speed dial. Because if your intuition tells you that you are in danger, you wouldn’t want to ignore that. 

This list is not to scare you but you make you cautious about the way the world is. While keeping the above pointers in mind, do not forget to enjoy your freedom. Be positive as not everybody is out there to get you. Avoid drinking too much. 

Have you ever traveled alone? How was your experience? Share with us in the comments below. 


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