10 Best Places To Visit In Libya That Still Survives Perfectly

Libya has had a very hard time emerging in the past 40 years due to the iron-fist rule of Muammar Gaddafi. Factional disputes and civil wars still rage across the country but this didn’t stop tourists to experience popular uprisings of Libya. The deep Islamic cultural history, glorious Roman ruins, crumbling Greek cities, and rugged Mediterranean coastline attract thousands of travelers from various parts of the world each year.

If you have never been to Libya before, then this is the perfect time for relaxation and fun at this spectacular and famous UNESCO world heritage site.

Here are the 10 best places to visit in Libya and have a great time spend amid a desert. 

  1. Tripoli

Tripoli was once a poster boy before the rising of the Arab spring and the uproar of the civil war. The backstreets have melded the color and warmth of Tripoli. Here you will meet street vendors touting spices, roadside stalls, ghee-doused basins, teahouses throbbed with the smooth tones of Arabians. Being the most famous Libya attraction, Tripoli spills itself into tight-knitted lanes, formidable Ottoman towers, and grand Assaraya al-Hamra.

Tripoli’s Jamahiriya Museum, Tripoli’s Red Castle, and The Arch of Marcus Aurelius are must-see Libya attractions.

Some recommended hotels to stay in are Awal Hotel, Radisson Blu AI Mahary Hotel, and Corinthia Hotel Tripoli.

For food, you can visit spots like Old city, AI-Athar, and Safir.

  1. Leptis Magna

Phoenician Greeks founded Leptis Magna in the first millennium BC and Romans raised its greatness. Leptis Magna is one of the most impressive ancient sites where you will encounter Peristyles, old temples, majestic museums, grand theatre, early Roman basilicas, fortification walls, and a crumbling marketplace.

Location: Khoms, Libya

Places to see:

The Arch of Septimius Severus

The Amphitheatre of Leptis Magna

Hadrianic Baths

Places to Stay:

Riu Palace Royal Garden

TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace

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  1. Cyrene

Cyrene walks you through the legendary patchwork of ancient townhouses and temples perched on the top of the Mediterranean cliffs of Libya. It's one of the best historical places in Libya with a booming mercantile colony. The city also hosts heirs of Alexander the Great, Roman armies and generals, and Hellenic merchants. Visitors love to tour and explore the beauty of Cyrene.

Walkthrough half-standing columns, and walls, and cliffs at this archeological site

Take a side trip to Apollonia and Jebel Akhdar from AI Bayda

Climb green mountains and admire ancient Roman and Greek ruins

  1. Sabratha

Just like Cyrene, Sabratha was once a Greek colony located on the North African coast. It was a holder for Mediterranean goods and a great marketplace for exotic African goods delivered from Sub-Sahara. Moreover, you get to see a Christian basilica that was built by Justinian. Piece de resistance (ancient theatre) blown up from the desert in pieces of lurching arcades, and Doric Peristyles.

Walk yourself through the cool ruins and see beautiful carvings on the mosaics and walls. Have a stunning view of the coast and sea as well.

  1. Tobruk

Like other Libya tourist attractions, Tobruk contributes a great deal in the last 100 years. Its best recognized as the battlefield of “The Second World War.” Tobruk remained steadfastly loyal to the monarchy, and this helped it raise quickly with the Arab Spring tide. Visitors admire unravel tales of Greek, Berber, and Roman history.  If you take a tour to Tobruk, then don’t forget to see totemic events.

Some of the most famous tourist attractions in Libya are

Tobruk war cemetery

Church of Toruk

Mosque Sabeyt Aljash

  1. Misrata

Want to line up along the shimmering Mediterranean coast? Come to Misrata, the third-largest city in the country. It was founded by the Greeks and later grew into a principal trading port with a booming harbor that dealt in European and African goods. Here, you will enjoy the sun-kissed beaches, Saharan dunes, architecture that instills the city.

Visit best clubs and teams- Ittihad Misurata, Asswehly, and Asswehly SC

Check out neighborhoods- Tamina, Qaryat ‘Ayn Al Kabir, AI Ghiran, Crispi, Qasr Ahmad

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  1. Waw an Namus

If you wish to travel away from Libya’s war cityscapes, then Waw an Namus would be an otherworldly sight to visit. It is set deep in the Saharan Desert and is the most popular attraction among travelers. A great extinct volcanic cone can be seen at Waw an Namus along with old caravan oases towns and nearby crater lake.

Visit isolated volcano sites that are surrounded by the stain of dark earth

Walkthrough moonscape of the tephra and ash

Take a strange sight on the floor of the caldera, lakes, and swamp vegetation

  1. AI Jawf

AI Jawf is covered by the far-reaching ochre sands and is the heart of Libyan Sahara. It’s a small town with camel-dotted streets. There’s plenty to admire in the surrounding hinterland and this sets it apart from the Bedouin character. It’s also the gateway to the Kufra basin, a strategic agricultural area best known for its great irrigation capabilities & alien-looking crop circles.

  1. Sabha

Sabha showcases the lakeside city with the striking bulwarks of Fort Elena. Being one of the famous places in Libya, this historic and dramatic destination depicts essential banknotes of Libya. Sabha also rolls out in the Sahara Desert with undulating dunes and date palm oases. Not to mention, it’s the best gateway to regions like Fezzan, etc.

Famous landmarks:

Fort Elena Castle

Italian colonies

Irrigation canals

Sabha University and Military institution

Best hotels:

AI Jabal Hotel


Mountain hotel

  1. Benghazi

Benghazi had its share of troubles in the wars. The city reminds us of the hard-fought battles held in 2011-2012. However, Benghazi tells a lot about its glorious past and elegant whitewashed homes, old Latin lighthouse, and picturesque Maydan al-Shajara square.

When to visit Libya? Libya being a huge country has different weather patterns but the ideal time to visit Libya in spring and autumn.

Libya tourism presents these 10 historical and famous places to visit in Libya for a remarkable and memorable trip.