Why India's Largest Mosque Taj-Ul-Masjid Is Known As The 'Crown Of Mosques'

India is a wonderland for various reasons. With an enriching history and diverse cultures, India has every reason to stand out. The architecture is also a major attraction of India and the reason behind them will leave you stunned. Every part of India has its own history and popular attractive places that gather tourists from all around the world. 

Religious places are the essence of India as they have witnessed history. The charming temple of Kedarnath, the peaceful Gurudwara, Golden Temple, Basilica of Bom Jesus Church in Goa and the Taj-Ul-Masjid in Bhopal have been the architectural heritage and monumental beauty of India.

Let’s know the ‘Crown of Mosques’ Taj-Ul-Masajid better and the reason why it is called so?

Taj-Ul-Masajid translates to ‘The Crown Of Mosques’ and it truly justifies the name as it has one of the most magnificent architecture in the world. The construction of the masjid began in the 1800s by Sultan Shah Jehan Begum of Bhopal but it could not be completed due to lack of funds.

It was then in 1971 when the construction was resumed by Maulana Sayed Hashmat Ali Sahab of Bhopal and Allama Mohammad Imran Khan Nadwi Azhari. It was completed by 1985

Taj-Ul-Masajid is the biggest mosque in the country and is also Asia's second-largest Mosque. It is made of red stone, and the mosque has a scenic view as it is located near Motia Talab.

The mosque remains open for all on all days except on Fridays when only Muslims are allowed to enter. The grand mosque stands as an example of the devotion and determination of a female ruler. Taj-Ul-Masjid holds a great resemblance with Delhi's Moti Masjid. The Taj-Ul-Masajid has three domes and two minarets

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The minarets are 18 storeys high and are made in an octagonal shape. The domes have huge alluring hallways with elegant marble flooring. 

During the day in the Masjid, children come for ‘Madresa’ where children come to learn the concepts of Islam.

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