Travelling To Goa? Reasons Why You Must Visit Thalassa Greek Taverna

Travelling To Goa? Reasons Why You Must Visit Thalassa Greek Taverna

Majestic view, scrumptious food, breathtaking performances can a perfect evening be better than this? Thalassa Greek Taverna is famous for making your dining experience unforgettable. Located in the Siolim, Goa by the beachside this is one of the most visited and charming places. Goa is famous for its beach shacks and water activities, the vibe around the city is so lively that makes us want to live there more.

Thalassa is famous for its Greek Meditarreanaean cuisine and the unfading dining experience it offers. Food is not the only thing why Thalassa  Greek Taverna is people's favorite choice. There are many more perks that this luxurious property offers. The thought of getting Greek cuisine in India and making the Indians fall in love head over heels with it is an interesting yet challenging thought.

Let's Know The Women Behind The Incredible 'Thalassa-The Greek Taverna'

Meriketty Grana - The Owner

Meriketty Grana stepped in the food and hospitality after she entered the Arpora, Flea Market. Meriketty along with her son Spiro came to India when Spiro was merely 6 months old. She always had a fascination with Greek food and wanted to cultivate Greek Mediterranean cuisine in India and chose Goa to be the best place. The journey of Thalassa began in 2006 and every year till now it has kept winning the hearts of its visitors. 

Meriketty Grana hails from Corfu which is a beautiful island in Greece. Meriketty came from a background where her family owned many restaurants in Greece. She always had an inclination towards India and felt both the cultures very similar. It has been 27 years since Meriketty has been living in Goa, India, and made it her home and the people her family. She dreamt of Thalassa and now the reality is bewitching as Thalassa is one of the most adored places in North Goa.

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Spiro Grana

Son of Meriketty Grana, Spiro Grana has owned the place and the hearts of people with his enchanting live Greek dancing performances. His captivating live performatives of dancing prove that he is an immensely talented person. He also practiced cooking in his mom's kitchen and excelled in that too. Spiro adds Indian touch to the place and makes sure every visitor returns with unfading and cherishable moments.

Why Thalassa Is Worth Visiting

If you want to experience sheer happiness watching breathtaking live performances with appetizing food and spectacular view Thalassa is the place you should visit. Also if you are a crazy fan of sunsets and picturesque views nothing can beat Thalassa.

Stunning Performances

Thalassa hosts many splendid performances to keep the visitors entertained. After the sunset is the time for electrifying performances including Sirtaki and Zorba. You can enjoy your food in the perfectly lit ambiance along with jaw-dropping dances and a fire show. 

The entertainers fill the space with energy and a mood perfect for dinner. To make your evenings even better and to discover Greece closely do not miss the live shows at Thalassa.

Lip Smacking Food

Food is the major attraction why this place has come to reality. Meriketty's constant dedication and her wish to serve the best to the visitors make the place warm and special. You will not fall short of amazing dishes here. 

The dishes prepared here have an authentic Greek touch to them just like the owner wants. 

Greek Food And It's Cooking Style

Greek food has changed a lot over time but the authentic style of Greek food is mainly made with bread, wine, and olives. These are the main ingredients that Greek dishes have. The Greek nation had small farmers that produced cheese, olives, nuts, grains, vegetables, and legumes. Greek cuisine is rich in nutrition and variety. Since the weather of Greece is perfect for growing olives and lemon trees so these ingredients are usually the basic things included in the dishes. 

How can a meal be prepared with the touch of awesome flavors? The Greek food is made with spices like garlic and herbs such as basil, oregano, thyme, and mint.

Fish and seafood are commonly consumed in Greece so many dishes include them. Greek food is subtle with minimum yet sufficient flavors to relish them in each bite. At Thalassa, the food is prepared with love and authenticity, so if you want to explore Greek food visit nowhere but Thalassa.

Surreal View

The ambiance is the first thing that catches our vibe and allows us to stay and enjoy. At Thalassa, you have many reasons to enjoy and cherish each moment that you spend here. The impressive view of the sky, shore, and sunsets will mesmerize your soul. Enjoy the breezy weather with your partner or be a quirky person and hit the dance floor. 


You can be tired of exploring things at Thalassa but the place has plenty of things to please you. Enjoy your favorite drink by the poolside gazing at the enthralling view. 

Heart Warming Hospitality

The reason why this place has become a major attraction is because of the love and warmth it offers. Thalassa is a place that is open for all. The quintessential all-white Greek themed open-air restaurant is a gorgeous place you must visit in Goa. 

Specialties Of Thalassa

Thalassa is not just famous for one thing but there are many reasons why you should visit this place. The Greek Mediterranean dishes have however made it renowned. The tavern-style open-air restaurant has specialties in the main course as well as in the desserts. All the dishes prepared are one of their kinds and you can't resist any of them.

Some of the popular dishes include Mediterranean Prawns, Feta Saganaki, and Kleftiko are some of its popular dishes.

Excited to go to Goa? This place will make you love Goa even more. 

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