Twitter Wishing Hug Day With These Emotional GIFs

Twitter Wishing Hug Day With These Emotional GIFs

Every time I see you, I could feel a little flame in my heart lighting up, and that’s because I truly love you”  

Such a beautiful and affectionate line is enough to let us know the value and place of love in our life. Love is something that doesn’t boast, envy, or dishonor anyone rather it protects, trusts, and perseveres. That’s what makes it one of the most important assets of any relationship, whether it is parents, friendship, or lovely relationship. As we all know, romantic Valentine’s week is at its peak and today is Hug Day. On this special day, couples express their love and warmth by giving a tight heart-to-heart hug.

However, due to COVID-19, physical contact is completely restricted. But this couldn’t stop people from enjoying it. Let’s see how Twitter is sharing their wishes and thoughts by showcasing emotional GIFs. With regard to this, Twitter says, “ hug can keep you stress free and calm, so take care of beloved this “Hug Day.” In the end, you will know different types of hugs; you can give it to your loved ones.

Short clips and images of Indian cricketers hugging each other

IFS Officer, Parveen kaswan sharing videos and pictures of animals on Twitter

IPS Officer, Arun Bothra also shares thoughts and wishes to everyone

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Types Of Hugs You Can Give To Your Partner

Bear Hug

Bear hug is a reassuring and tight hug that relieves anxiety, and stress. Tightly bear hug your partner to express deep feeling of love and compassion.

Polite Hug

Polite hug is mostly shared with colleagues and acquaintances but you can give it to your partner as well. It’s a partial-upper body hug.

Side-Way Hug

When you embrace your partner around your shoulders without lifting your arms, it’s called one-way hug or side-way hug.

Intimate Hug

It’s a full-body and close embrace with keeping eye-to-eye contact. It’s a next level hug which is way more powerful. Try experiencing it with your beloved on this Hug Day.

Back Hug

Back hug is another form of hug that shows both protection, and trust toward your partner. Usually, kids give back hug to their parents but lovers can do it as well.

Buddy Hug

Buddy hug or sideway hug express trust and comfort level when you place your arms over your beloved’s shoulders. It’s the most common type of hug among friends. Why not give a buddy hug to your lover this Valentine.

A tight and warm hug conveys message of love to your beloved’s heart. So, let your beloved know your language of love this Hug Day.

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