Underrated Indian Rappers And Artists Who Have Changed The View Of Indian Music Industry

Underrated Indian Rappers And Artists Who Have Changed The View Of Indian Music Industry

It's been quite long since the hip-hop wave hit the Indian grounds and everyone around now seems to be vibing well with the rappers. Undeniably, the movie Gullyboy has helped to make a better place for the desi rapper, but there's still a long way to go. Meanwhile, there are many budding artists and rappers who have reserved their place in the hearts of their audience. Rap music has offered an entirely different dimension to the music industry. It has bridged the gap between emotion, poetry, and instrumentation. Despite some popular labels working in the industry, there are independent artists and underrated Indian rappers who have made things work really well. We decided to list all of them here and give you a flashback of how good it actually feels to have such great music to listen to. 

Best Indian Rappers We Are Vibing With 

1. Divine 

Divine has it all. At present, it's the most prominent name in Indian hip-hop. Vivian Fernandes belongs to Mumbai, who started off as a rapper in the year 2011. He was a part of "Mumbai's Finest", one of the well-known crews. He started with English but later decided to switch to Hindi. "Yeh Mera Bombay" by him received a lot of applauds and appreciation in 2014, bagging the best music video award by Rolling Stone India. His single debut "Jungli Sher" launched under Sony Music India, dominated the charts, and was taken to the Breakfast Show of BBC Asian network in 2016. Distinctive lyrics are the major characteristic of Divine. He has given a lot of hits to date. The Bollywood movie Gullyboy was actually inspired by Divine and Naezy. Now, Divine has emerged as one of the finest Indian rappers.

2. Emiway Bantai  

Mumbai-based rapper Emiway Bantai is now ruling all hearts with his great talent in Indian hip-hop music. As he said in one of his videos, Emiway Bantai is the amalgamation of "Eminem" and "Lil Wayne." After completing 12th standard, he left his studies and continued struggling with mumble rap in his videos like "Maal waali Aunty," which was later deleted from the video. His popularity grew manifold after his diss song meant for Raftaar (as various rap enthusiasts say ). Moreover, "Machayenge" brought him views and praise that none of his videos did earlier. It was when he attained the best rankings among independent artists.

3. Yo-yo Honey Singh 

Well, somewhere, Honey Singh defines what a great rap truly means. He was probably the first one to introduce an entertaining amalgamation of pop music and hip-hop in India, and we are all in love. He's one of the most expensive and popular music directors in the Indian music industry right now. One of the highest-paid musical artists in Bollywood, Honey Singh, has to be solely given credit for the great transformation we could see in the Indian music industry. He has now made a comeback after three long years, and we are already expecting something fantastic soon.

4. Naezy  

Became popular through Gullyboy's "Mere Gully Mein" with Divine, Naezy started off his struggle much before while he studied in the Khalsa College, Mumbai. It was when he used to record and upload videos from the iPhones owned by one of his friends. There are many great songs he has come up with. "Afat" is probably the best one that describes what the actual struggles in the city of dreams are. His recent album "Afat is Wapas" is also getting great feedback.

5. Raja Kumari 

Indian-American songwriter Svetha Yallapragada Rao also popular as Raja Kumari, brings up most of the work that is based on real-life experiences. One of her best songs, "Mute," expressed the stereotypes and stigmas she faced in the music industry. Somewhere, she was sure that she did the right thing. It was one of the songs that resonated so well with everyone in many different ways. In the present times, she's among the best artists presenting their reality in such a connective way.

6. Dino James 

Dino James is one of the personalities we know whose urge to write what he felt actually turned him into a writer. Well, recently, where it's hard to convince typical parents that you want to be one, he is a great example. When he wrote "Girlfriend," he may not know that he was going to become such a loved rapper. We count him among the best, underrated Indian rappers who deserve applauds. His song "Loser," which he made for Being Indian, is one of the most motivational songs you will ever listen to. He belongs to Bhopal and initially started off playing side roles as an actor in Mumbai. Although he returned to his father's place to help him in his business, destiny had greater plans for him, which brought him back to Mumbai and turned rapper. He now writes all types of songs and does rap, which is quite loved by the audience.

7. Seedhe Maut 

This hip hop duo brings up the great talent that can be found on the streets of Delhi. Encore ABJ and Calm are collectively known as Seedhe Maut and known for performing bi-lingual raps ascending through the footsteps of various international hip hop groups like Clipse, The Jewels, etc. They have also collaborated with Sez On The Beat and Prabh Deep. They are certainly the best in business.

8. Kr$na 

Krishna Kaul or Kr$na is a Delhi-based Indian rapper. He's one of the kids who started rapping in the early 2000s. He grabbed attention through "Kaisa Mera Desh" in 2010. Further, he launched "Vijay" for a children's NGO. He does rap in both Hindi and English. Krishna became a member of the Kalamkaar team and even received applauds from artists like Raftaar. While he began rapping in English, he's well known for his amazing vocabulary in both languages, which he proved through "Vyanjan". He's one of the underrated Indian rappers who present excellent English lyrics.

9. Prabh Deep 

Prabh Deep has been creating similar grooving vibes in the North as Divine and Naezy did in Mumbai. It was after his collaboration with Sez On The Beat that Prabh Deep got prominent among the audience through his debut album Class Sikh. He represents real-life 

incidents in his distinctive voice, including drug addiction, street thuggery, and unemployment, which made him bring up some of the best releases. He is also well known for Azadi records.

10. Dee MC 

Deepika Unnikrishnan or Dee MC is a Mumbai-based songwriter and rapper who presented a spectrum of work. She's isn't confined to one single approach and focuses more on bringing in her real-life experiences into the song. She had often shared her personal experiences that compelled her to write, and she later grew upfront about presenting her talent in a way she does now. "Taking my time" is one of the dearests works for her.

We've seen consistent evolution in the music industry over all these years. However, these underrated Indian rappers surely need a shout out for making our lives great with their music.

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