US Bans Abortion: A Blow on Women's Rights

US Bans Abortion: A Blow on Women's Rights
US Ban on Abortion

US Supreme Court on Friday ruled in favour of banning abortion law and overturned the half-century-old Roe v.Wade case, which was protecting abortion rights for women all over the US.

It is a win for many republicans and Christian Rights, but it is a violation of women's rights to their own bodies. Many Women in the US protesting against the abortion ban.

Well, US ban on abortion is totally non-democratic decision. Here we are discussing some points of this controversial decision of the US Supreme Court, which kills the constitutional rights to Abortion in the US.

Roe v. Wade Case-

This is a famous historical case in 1973, which legalise abortion all over the US.

This case was brought by a woman named Norma McCorvey known by her legal name Jane Roe in 1969, who was pregnant with her third child and wanted an abortion and living in Texas, where abortion was banned completely. She filed the lawsuit in the US Federal Court against defendant Henry Wade, a Local District Attorney of Texas. The court ruled out a decision in favour of her.

Defendant appealed this judgment to the Supreme Court of the US. In 1973 US Supreme Court made a historical judgment in favor of Roe and make abortion constitutional all over the United States, up to the point of fetal viability means six months of pregnancy, in this case, women are allowed to abort only when their health are at risk.

Main Points Of US Ban of Abortion and its Impact on the Different States-

  • Us Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and make abortion illegal in the US.
  • Now under the new rule abortion are not allowed in any way except for health emergency related to the mother.
  • Even rape victims and incest pregnancies are also not allowed to choose abortion.
  • Strict punishment jail up to 3 to 10 years and a fine of up to $100,000 for a person and hospitals, who perform an abortion.
  • But they give a right to states to implement this ruling or not.
  • It allows women to go for an abortion in those states, where abortion is still legal. But marginalized women can’t afford to travel to different states.
  • Many states immediately ban abortion but few are against this decision and trying to protect the abortion rights for women.
  • Utah is the first state, which ban abortion immediately after the decision, Arkansas, Alabama, West Virginia, and Missouri are among the states, which ban abortion completely except to protect the mother’s life.
  • But Washington, Oregon, California, North Carolina, and other states are protecting the right to abortion.

Famous People's Reaction to US Supreme Court Ban on Abortion-

Since the Supreme Court Ruling in the United States, many famous celebs and politicians tweeted on the 

Twitter. It is going on trend with the #AbortionBan #RoeVWade #SCOTUS

Celeb's and Politician's reactions on Twitter-

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