Viral Video: A Waiter Stealing Millions Of Hearts With His Dance

Viral Video: A Waiter Stealing Millions Of Hearts With His Dance

Can you remember those opportunities of past when you were able to sway gracefully on slow or fast tunes? Of course you do, some of them could be the high school, birthday and local social dance. Dance is not just a word; it’s the rhythm of the world on which each single person’s life resonates. As it is famously quoted, “dance is the hidden language of the soul” Be it the harvest, joy, happiness or celebration, you can see people dancing all around the globe, especially in India.

Just look TikTok, Instagram, or Snapchat, what’s most popular in it. Yes, its dance that connects heart’s of millions through emotions, identity, and culture. Recently, a video of waiter dancing went viral on social media. It’s stealing millions of heart. Let’s see his dancing gracefully. 

This is the viral video of young boy who work as a restaurant waiter in Guwahati. He is Surjit Tripura, a 23-years boy who went viral on social media. He is influencing folks with his mesmerizing locking and popping dance moves.

While talking to the media, he told all the moves was learned by him through YouTube videos. Netizens are liking and sharing his robot dance moves. Some of the appreciating and motivating comments are mentioned below-

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