Ayushmann Khurana Targeted By Queer Groups On Internet Over An Instagram Post, Find Out Why

Vicky Donor Actor Ayushmann Khurrana shared a photo of his GQ cover, on Instagram yesterday, where he can be seen wearing nail polish and Kajal. While The cover itself might be a dip towards the increasingly androgynous and gender non-conforming fashion being adorned by celebrities across the globe, but trouble occurred when Ayushmann captioned the post with “gender fluid" and a heart emoji.

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Take a look at the post here:

Many people, including the queer groups on Internet, took it to offence on the grounds that just wearing nail polish or applying any kind of gender-neutral fashion does not make one gender fluid, it is an identity in itself, no matter what fashion. When done by a cisgender heterosexual man, as is being assumed to be the case with Ayushmann since he has made no public statement to challenge that, it shows towards the appropriation of queer identities, and in some cases, might even contribute towards what is known as queerbaiting.

In order to get more context over the outrage, Bollywood and the Hindi film industry, in general, is known for its long-standing problem of casting cisgender heterosexual actors to play the roles of transgender and other queer roles.

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Let’s see how Twitter reacted: