Brave Auto Driver Saves Girl's Life On Train Tracks, Full Report Here

A video of a girl being saved by an Auto Driver is going viral. On 27th September, a video was uploaded to social media which shows a girl, waiting for a train to end her life, a brave auto driver present on the scene, saves her life by bringing her away from the tracks.

The incident is said to be reported in Betul, Madhya Pradesh. The driver is recognized as Mohsin who showed his selflessness by saving this girl's life.

Watch the Video Below:

The video shows a girl wearing blue salwar kameez, her head covered with white cloth, anxiously waiting for the train, just as the train starts approaching, she makes her way to the track. Mohsin, concerned, follows her and snatches her away from the tracks, the whole incident is caught on camera.
Had he not done that, the girl would've lost her life.

The video is shared by many people on Social media as it's gaining traction.

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Let's take a look at some of the Reactions by Twitterati:

M.P. Unemployment Rate:

Up until August 2021, Madhya Pradesh has recorded a 3.49% rate of unemployment. M.P. has seen a big fluctuation in recent months, though the rate is tending to decrease during September 2021.