WATCH: Viral Video of Haryana Doctor Eating Cow Dung

Haryana's MBBS doctor's advice- 'If you eat a spoonful of cow dung, you will remain healthy'

A video of a doctor from Haryana's Karnal district is becoming increasingly viral on social media. This video is 4-5 days old. This video is being shared a lot on social media. In this video, a doctor is seen eating cow dung. In the video, the doctor is saying that by eating a spoonful of cow dung, the body and mind become pure.

Watch The Video Here:

The name of the doctor who eats cow dung in this video is Manoj Mittal. Dr Manoj Mittal is a Pediatrician. But he is very interested in Ayurveda. In the viral video, he is saying that the national animal of India should be a cow. The national animal of India should not be a predatory animal. Every single part of the fluid obtained from the cow is very valuable to mankind.

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At the same time, he is saying in the video that my mother always used to eat cow dung on Ekadashi fast. While eating cow dung, they say that if we eat a spoonful of cow dung, then our body, mind becomes pure, our soul becomes pure. If it goes into our womb, then it purifies the whole body.

Doctor Mittal says that if women eat cow dung, then they will have a normal delivery, there will be no need for caesarean. At the same time, they say that we are 9 siblings. 9 out of 9 delivery of my mother is normal. Eating cow dung will never require an operation. We do not confirm these claims.