Want Dazzling Teeth Whitening At Home? Here Found Out All The Solutions

Want Dazzling Teeth Whitening At Home? Here Found Out All The Solutions

On average 90% of people have teeth whitening issues, which is very common in adults and children. Nowadays, dental issues are increasing day by day because of the wrong eating and drinking habits. It is not only a treatment but it has also become a fashion. Here is all about the teeth whitening you need to know.

What is teeth whitening?

The yellow teeth don’t mean teeth are damaged. The teeth’s whitening is the process in which the yellowish layer from the teeth was removed. It cannot make teeth white in a day but it will surely make less yellowish.

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Why do we need teeth whitening?

Here are the lists of the reasons behind yellowish teeth, which increase the need for teeth whitening:

  1. Sweet food: The sweet food gets deposited into teeth which lets the bacteria infect the teeth.
  2. Wrong habits: Habits like tobacco or smoking can make stains on the teeth.
  3. Age: As you old grow you get included in many wrong eating activities like eating junk food or tobacco which makes teeth yellow.
  4. Unhygienic: If you want to avoid discoloring or want to keep your teeth healthy it is very important to brush and maintain the hygiene of the mouth.
  5. Medications: The color of the teeth can get changed because of some high medications like antibiotics or chemotherapy.

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How to make Teeth Whitening At Home?

Home remedies are always best rather than taking medicines that have harmful chemicals in them. Here are some of the options that you can opt for if you want to make your teeth look whiter.

  1. Strips: The teeth whitening teeth are thin paper kind of strip that has some peroxide base bleaching in them. They applied direct to the teeth, once or twice a day for approx 15 days for best results.
  2. Gels: The gel for teeth whitening is the liquid that sometimes comes with teeth-shaped equipment that covers the teeth and lightens the color of teeth.
  3. Tray-based system: These are plastic-based tray that covers the lower and upper teeth, you can also add the gel or bleaching in them.  
  4. Toothpaste: What is better than brushing your teeth? Well, there is a lot of toothpaste that is especially dedicated to whitening the teeth.

However it is always better to take precautions, you can control your eating habit and maintain your hygiene so that you can always get a dazzling smile.  

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