WATCH: Ghaziabad Cook Spits in Dough, Arrested

WATCH: Ghaziabad Cook Spits in Dough, Arrested

On Sunday, October 17, 2021, a shocking video of an Indian eatery cook spitting on the dough of Rotis went viral and stunned Ghaziabad. The cook in the video is seen spitting at each roti dough before putting it inside the tandoor (oven) for cooking.

The entire incident got recorded on phone and is said to have taken place in an eatery in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

The man in the video was reportedly arrested when the video went viral and resulted in several netizens demanding strict action.  

The viral video shows the backside of the restaurant from where the video is filmed, people can be seen coming in and eating or sitting at the restaurant and no one is objecting to his actions inside the restaurant kitchen.

Here’s the video shared on Twitter:

Netizens tagged the Ghaziabad police in the viral video and urged for strict action, it is reportedly said that the accused was arrested later. The eatery is identified as ‘Chicken Point’ and according to media, the eatery also got reported for enabling the actions.

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