Ways to practice self-care every day while staying at home

Ways to practice self-care every day while staying at home

Self-care is the need of the hour in this crazy world. Every hour with news and social media you hear information that is triggering. In a time where we are stuck at home, a sense of loss and isolation is looming in our minds. In such a situation, if we want to take care of others, it’s important to take care of ourselves first. Every single adult should be able to do things that solely make him/her happy. Here are few ways to take care of yourself while staying at home-


Have a quiet morning

It is important to start your day in a peaceful way. Imagine waking up to chaos, deadlines, demands and rush, how would that make you feel? Try getting up a little earlier than everyone else. Have your breakfast in a quiet environment. Take time to do some breathwork or journaling. Anything, to make yourself grounded. 


Move your body

The importance of exercise is a cliché, but for a reason. It released happy hormones, makes you feel like an achiever and is good for your body. Especially, when we have a lifestyle where we sit at a place for extended hours. When it comes to exercise, do what you love. There are several forms of exercise, right from Zumba, cycling, walking, dancing or even Yoga. Do what your heart desires. 

On days when you feel extremely lazy, you can walk around your apartment or terrace and get the blood flowing. 

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Take some fresh air

For this one, you don’t need to step out of your home/building. Go to your terrace or even your balcony. During the pandemic, we have all grown addicted to our phones. To break the habit and give rest to your eyes, go out and take the fresh air. It releases strain from your back and neck and will make you feel good about yourself.


Pursue a hobby

Take up a hobby that you enjoyed as a kid or even something that you always wanted to try out. Dance, paint, read, anything that makes you forget about the existence of time. Hobbies can be extremely therapeutic so take out some time for it. 


Guilt-free indulgence

Time to time, we want to indulge in things but later feel guilty about it. Acceptance is everything when it comes to guilt. Accept that you want to have that scrumptious food or binge-watch Netflix. It will allow you to enjoy the moment and you will be able to connect with yourself in a healthy way. 


Get some sleep

Many times, we just need some sleep to give ourselves a break. Take proper sleep. Try to honour your sleep cycle so that you don’t feel lethargic right at waking up. When you feel tired during the day, you can also take a 1-2 hour siesta. Your body heals when you sleep, so you should know it is important. 

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Unplug from social media

This one is really important if you’re addicted to your phone and constantly feel overwhelmed. Social media gives you information that you don’t even require. It can get toxic, so it’s important to take regular breaks from social media. Uninstall social media apps for a few days or turn off the notification so that you’re not constantly distracted. 


Self-care is not optional, it is essential. Anxiety can be crippling. Even things over which you have no control can shake you to the core. So it is important to take a pause, take time to heal and then proceed with the world with a braver attitude and sound mind. 

What is your idea of self-care and how do you practice it? Share your ideas with us in the comments below. 

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