What is Disease X -A New Danger for The World?

What is Disease X -A New Danger for The World?
What is Disease X? Another Pandemic in the world

Since Covid, the world is seeing a surge in many viruses with the potential risk of an epidemic. Thus, this era is known as the pandemic era.

Recently, UK health experts warned of a new disease which can trigger another pandemic. It is termed as 'Disease X' which may cause serious health issues in the future.

Therefore, health experts are urging the authorities to escalate their preparedness and strengthen health infrastructure.

This warning comes just after the poliovirus being detected in the sewage sample of London.

Let’s understand what is #DiseaseX and can it really begin a new pandemic.

What is Disease X?-

What is Disease X?

Disease X refers to the unknown pathogen and it’s capable of causing serious health issues. WHO has also warned about the same.

According to the World Health Organisation,

“Disease X represents the knowledge that a serious international epidemic could be caused by a pathogen currently unknown to cause human disease.”

Other Threatening Infections Spreading in UK-

What is disease X? UK battling several infections

The UK is facing a health crisis recently. Covid is another thing but it is facing different new viruses, which are also a threat to the world.


Disease X warning by UK health experts just comes in the wake of a recent finding of poliovirus from the sewage sample in London. However, health authorities have not found any cases of polio in children.


Currently, Uk is battling monkeypox with 910 confirmed cases by June 23. More than 4000 cases reportedly found in over 40 countries worldwide.


In March, women who arrived in England from Central Asia are suffering from Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever.

Lassa and H5 Bird Flu

Lassa fever cases were reported in February. H5 bird flu case was also found in January this year.

Reason behind These Ongoing Pandemic Danger-

After covid pandemic, it seems like the world is not going to see the end of the pandemic era. We are seeing new viruses emerging one after the other, which causes serious health issues.

Disease X are in the row of creating another epidemic or pandemic.Many Experts and Scientists still warn us of another pandemic that is lurking in the near future.

The main reason is climate change. In the last 10 years, our life changed badly, and so has our environment. We are more dependent on technology and have forgotten our nature.

Recently Australian Forest burnt by fire and deforestation of Amazon Forest increased the temperature of our earth. Because of this many animals relocated to the populated area so the risk of viruses transmitting from animals to humans increased. So, the chances of a pandemic also increased.

Professor Jean-Jacques Muyembe Tamfum, who helped discover the Ebola virus in 1976, said while speaking to CNN,

"We are now in a world where new pathogens will come out. And that's what constitutes a threat to humanity."

When asked if any new disease could be more apocalyptic than Covid-19, he said: "Yes, yes, I think so."

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