What is Godi Media, Who Coined the Term, And Why it’s Called Godi?

What is Godi Media, Who Coined the Term, And Why it’s Called Godi?
What is Godi Media, Who Coined the Term, And Why it’s Called Godi?

Since long a term is very famous in media, especially on news channels where anchors usually accuse other news channels of being a Godi Media. But more than anchors, politicians use this word which definitely does not seems appreciable and is more like slang. Let’s know here what Godi media is.

Godi Media- What Does it Mean

Let us tell you first that there is no such word in the dictionary. It is coined by a popular news anchor Ravish Kumar. According to his definition, Godi media is one that shows selective news favoring the BJP government. Now, you know why it rhymes with Modi.

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How did it originate?

The term actually originated after Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power. He claimed that a few media channels always talk in the favor of Modi government just to increase their TRP.

Who All are Godi Media?


If you have understood the term and watch the news regularly, you can give the answer easily. TV channels like Sudarshan news, Republic Bharat, Aaj Tak, Republic TV, India TV, and more are said as Godi Media.

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How did Godi Media Become Famous?

The word got a lot of popularity in 2018 when several journalists protested against such channels on the day of World Press Freedom Day. A huge demonstration was held in Delhi quoting “Remove Godi Media, save Democracy.” The second time it came in limelight during farmer protests and Citizenship Amendment Act protests.

Several famous anchors and journalists blame their competitors for spreading fake news and showing content that praises the BJP government. They hide their flaws only for their own benefit. Rajdeep Sardesai had said that journalism has now become a lap dog when it's responsible for being a watchdog.


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