What is IT Staff Augmentation? 6 Benefits of Staff Augmentation Service

What is IT Staff Augmentation? 6 Benefits of Staff Augmentation Service

Shortage of staff is the most common scenario in the IT software landscape. The dynamic and fast-paced nature of digitalization has led to an increment in demand for IT personnel & in-house teams. Even the giant tech companies hire dedicated IT staff to pass on their project workload. If you also want to outsource your development project, then IT Staff augmentation fits best. But before you start with it, let’s know what exactly it is and what all the benefits it offers.

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

It is an outsourcing strategy of making an attempt to hire an on-demand team of IT professionals permanently or temporarily. It enables you to select candidates that fit best to your requirements and you can extend the team whenever you want.

IT Staff Augmentation services help you add skilled technical experts, designers & business analysts to your in-house development team on a contractual basis. The remote expert hired via a reputed company like Agnito Technologies is liable to work on one project at a time.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation


Traditional staffing methods are inflexible and rigid. Staff augmentation is fundamentally flexible and ideal for companies with regular shifts. It helps you to scale your business faster without sacrificing the quality of work.

Highly-Skilled Developers

IT Staff Augmentation service provider delivers top-notch creators with a dedicated skillset. The professionals have the potential to expand their capacity and broaden their skills to contribute to your project.

Keeps You Ahead

A business that expands stays ahead of the competitors. For example, when you hire a PHP developer and build an outstanding product, you outshine your competitor completely by serving value to the audience.

Higher Efficiency

Fixed costs have been an accumulating issue for businesses. This can be suppressed by hiring dedicated developers on a short-term basis.

Better Management

IT Staff Augmentation benefits your business as it gives you greater control over the work and manages things well.

Save on Time

When you hire short-term coders, the hiring process is not too lengthy. This starts the work in quick time. Later you can expand the capacity and fill the gap.

About Agnito Technologies

Relying on 10+ years of experience in IT software development, Agnito Technologies offers IT staff augmentation services to speed up startups, enterprises, and businesses. Their solutions optimize development costs.

With over 100+ skilled proficient developers & IT experts in leading technology like PHP, Python, .NET, JAVA, C++, Agnito aims to provide fully dedicated services. No matter whether you want to hire AngularJS developer or a PHP developer, we deliver trained and quick-witted IT professionals.

To find more about Agnito Technologies, visit or you can contact them via Whatsapp or Skype.


IT Staff Augmentation is a quick way to overcome IT outsourcing problems. It lets your company hire IT Staff experts and fill in the development gap. Recruiting the right candidate has never been so easy, now is the time to avail the benefits of IT Staff Augmentation. It gives your business an edge over its competitors.

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