What is a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) | Benefits of Learning platforms

What is a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) | Benefits of Learning platforms

In-house training is one of the best ways to develop your workforce. It not only saves cost but also gives you a good ROI, engagement, and team loyalty. It’s same as that of Learning Management Platform (LMP) that includes educational programs. But LMP has its drawbacks when it comes to develop, deploy & maintain learning content.

That’s why leaders recommend using a new type of platform for up-skilling your employees & professionals without sinking hiring costs. It’s called Learning Experience Platform (LXP) that fills the gap of LMP. LXP is a holistic cloud offering within which, your employees can learn and gain important insights on regular basis.

Let’s discuss what is learning experience platform in detail and what all benefits it offers to your organization.

What is a Learning Experience Platform?

LXP is basically a responsive contribution-based set of learning programs that can be accessed easily. It includes recommendation and feedback system as per the stated preferences, and mode of use.

This next-generation training software provides customized training experience and help learners consume AI-enabled materials in an interactive environment. Thus, boosting your employees’ interest and hone their skills.

Why You Should Use LXP?

The revolution of digital transformation disrupted industries right from transportation and supply chain and imposed a threat to global organizations. Leaders require a solid formula to bridge this rising gap.

That’s where LXP comes into play. It empowers employees with adequate know-how’s and skills. Learning Experience Platforms provides eLearning solutions that meet the goal of corporate. Thus making corporate scalable and flexible.

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Learning Experience Platform Types

LXP hosts various types of content that ranges from video presentation to customized interactive courses. Here are some of the other ones-

  1. Built-in authoring tools
  2. Mobile-friendly options
  3. Self-publishing options
  4. Auto-generated recommendations
  5. Automated workflows through courses

Key LXP Features

Given below are some of the standard LXP features that makes it the most recommended platform over LMP:

  1. Supports user-generated content
  2. Stunning user-interface
  3. Easy content creation
  4. Enhanced data insights
  5. Provides automation

Benefits of Learning Experience Platform

1. Ensures Personalized Training

LXP is an intuitive learning tool that guides employees through recommendations. It makes employees more productive with high-value training sessions.

2. LXP Meets Needs of Learners

Learning experience platforms offers several forms of media to make the training more engaging. For example, it includes blog posts, online courses, articles, and podcasts.

3. LXP Improves Work Flow

To succeed at work, employees need to gain the skills. However, the problem is an average employee has only 24 minutes per week for learning.

But with LXP, employees grab a flexible, fast, and informal learning type that makes learning on-the-go possible. With quick access and support system, it increases employee’s productivity.

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Top Learning Experience Platforms

1. EdApp

EdApp is one of the best learning experience platforms in the market. This unique platform offers various engaging features to achieve the LXP goal. For example, to drive employee engagement, etc. The tool offers,

  • Customizable templates
  • Canva integration
  • PowerPoint conversion

2. 360learning

360learning is a collaborative learning platform that offers diverse collaborative tools. It can be used to develop professional skills, train custom-facing teams, and new employees. The tool offers,

  • LDAP/Active Directory integration
  • Automated enrollment
  • Compliance management

3. Degreed

Let your employees learn and grow simultaneously through Degreed. Degreed is basically a computer-oriented training tool that facilitates courses, articles, books, podcasts, etc. The tool also provides,

  • Content creation
  • Content delivery
  • Content storage

These are some of the best learning platforms that gives businesses amazing advantages over traditional learning management systems. 

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