What Is Pegasus Spyware? | How To Detect Pegasus Spyware

What Is Pegasus Spyware? | How To Detect Pegasus Spyware

A global investigative project has revealed that over 50,000 mobile phone numbers were possibly being spied on using the Pegasus spyware.

The spyware can harvest pivotal data from our phones upon installation. The list of data includes SMS, emails, WhatsApp chats, call logs, GPS data, contact lists and transmit it to the attacker. Pegasus spyware also activates the camera, microphone, call recording, etc turning your phone into a 24-hour surveillance device.

What Is Pegasus Spyware?

Pegasus is a hacking software that is developed, marketed, and licensed to intelligence, military, and law enforcement agencies in 40 countries by Israeli company NSO Group.

The Israeli company has earlier revealed that Pegasus was used by the national government in foreign countries.

Pegasus Spyware In India

Out of 50, 000 telephone numbers from leaked data, 300 ‘verified’ numbers were Indian. These numbers include those used by ministers, opposition leaders, journalists, the legal community, businessmen, government officials, scientists, rights activists, and others.

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How To Get Pegasus Spyware

Pegasus gains access to your phone through a malicious web link from a message or mail. As the user clicks on the link, Pegasus gets installed on the phone. As per some research, it can also be installed with just a missed WhatsApp call. Moreover, it is virtually impossible for the user to be aware of the spyware.

How to detect Pegasus spyware in your android if you’re suspicious of being spied.

How To Detect Pegasus Spyware

How To Remove Pegasus Spyware From iPhone

  • Check if your device is suddenly sluggish
  • Look out for apps in your phone that you don’t remember installing, it might be a sign of infestation
  • Beware of too many ads and pop-ups on your phone
  • Be wary of unusual data consumption in your device.

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Pegasus Spyware Removal In Android

On the detection of Pegasus spyware, several experts have pointed out, that discarding the phone is the only way. As per several cybersecurity analysts, even factory resetting cannot completely get rid of this hacking software.

You should get rid of your phone and update all the apps that are reinstalled. To safeguard your cloud-based applications, you must change all the passwords also.



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