What is Pink Tax and How it is Creating Gender Bias?

What is Pink Tax and How it is Creating Gender Bias?
What is Pink Tax and How it is Creating Gender Bias?

You have landed on this page which means you are eager to know what is pink tax. And if you are a woman then this article is a must-read for you. Because you didn’t know but you’re paying pink tax on everything you buy. It is a tax that only lies on the products produced especially for women. So, find out all the information about the pink tax here.  

What is Pink Tax?

What is Pink Tax

The pink tax is not actually a tax, but a discriminatory pricing system on the products and services specially designed for women. It is a secret retail campaign that targets female consumers because women like to shop and spend more money than men. This gender-specific pricing is known as Pink Tax.

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Thatswhy, women’s products always cost more than men’s products. It cost more than $1300 to an average woman per year and it covers all women's things from shopping to dry cleaning. The average percentage of the pink tax is 7 percent more than the similar thing designed for men. 

Surely, you have noticed that the shaving razor for women costs more than the men. And it has many examples like that such as a simple beauty cream, shirts, pants, etc. Women pay more than men for all of these things. 

It is not only limited to adult women. Even a girl's toys cost 2 to 13 per cent more than a boy’s toys.

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How Pink Tax is Creating Gender Bias?

What is Pink Tax

There is no genuine reason to impose a Pink Tax on women. Brands only implement it because of the women's tendency to buy more things than men. And just because of this reason they target female consumers more. 

In 2020, the New York state has banned the Pink Tax because it is creating gender bias in the state. And we believe that India should also do the same. 

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