'When Rape Is Inevitable, Enjoy It': Karnataka Congress MLA Makes Shocking Statement In Assembly

'When Rape Is Inevitable, Enjoy It': Karnataka Congress MLA Makes Shocking Statement In Assembly

New Delhi: While the Karnataka Assembly Speaker; Vishweshwar Hedge Kageri struggled to address the farmer issue, senior Karnataka Congress leader, KR Ramesh Kumar made a shocking sexist remark. He can be heard saying, ‘There is a saying. When rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it.’ In response to this offensive statement, other leaders can be seen laughing rather than raising objections.

Speaker Kageri Laughing on KR Ramesh Kumar Words

Legislators and his female party members can be seen protesting during the whole session. They condemned the statement made by KR Ramesh Kumar. MLA Sowmya Reddy wrote, ‘The House shall apologize to entire womanhood, every mother, sister & daughter of this nation for such an obnoxious & shameless behavior’.

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Brinda Adige, a passionate women's rights activist also lashed out at MLA saying, ‘How much more shameful can this kind of a talk be in the Assembly where women voters have sent these fellows, voting and paying our taxes? Don’t they know that rape is the most heinous, brutal, and violent crime against women? Wasn’t the KPCC president supposed to suspend the MLA and not give him a ticket so that he does not stand for election? This is not acceptable in a democracy.’

The video clip of the incident went viral on media platforms. The leader is currently under fire on Twitter for outrageous and callous remark. Here’s what people are commenting on Twitter,

The sensitizing lesson made the leader tweet where he is apologizing to all the women for his brutal words.

This is not the first time when a political leader passed such a distasteful and ugly statement about the victims of sexual assaults.

Such a shameful deed! 

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