Who is Crypto Queen Ruja Ignatova? FBI’s Most Wanted Fugitive

Who is Crypto Queen Ruja Ignatova? FBI’s Most Wanted Fugitive
Cryptoqueen: Ruja Ignatova

Crypto queen Ruja Ignatova is missing since 2017 when the US authority issued an arrest warrant against her. Charges of money laundering, wire, and security fraud are against Ruja. Now, she is under the FBI's top 10 most wanted fugitive list.

But the question is where she is now? And how she did the biggest crypto scam in history.
Here you can find all the details about her

Who is Missing Crypto Queen Ruja Ignatova?-

Ruja Ignatova born in Sofia, Bulgaria. At the age of ten, she immigrated to Germany with her parents.

According to her official document, she did her master's in Law and Economics from the University of Konstanz and Ph.D. in Law from the University of Oxford. She worked for Mckinsey& Company.

In 2014 she started a crypto company One Coin.

How Crypto Queen Fraud People via One Coin-

It all began with the setup of a crypto company name One Coin. It is nothing just a Ponzi scheme, with no cryptocurrency in it.

Crypto queen Ruja Ignatova defrauded approximately $4bn from her victims.

How it Started-

• Ruja Ignatova came into the crypto industry with a promise to bring financial revolution. 

• People can easily make money just by investing in the One Coin with a high return and get a    commission if they encourage other people or friends to buy this coin.

 • 2014 and 2016 were a time when Crypto was booming, and many people don't have enough knowledge about it. So it was easy for Ruja to hit the weak spot in society.

Skyrocketed Investment-

• Ruja Ignatova’s demeanour and attractive personality make people believe in her. People started to invest in the company's Crypto assets, which are all fake.

•  Between August 2024 to March 2017 investors from the countries like Pakistan, Brazil, Hong Kong, Norway, Canada,  Yemen, and even Palestine invested more than 4bn Euro.

Grand Appearance in Wembley Arena-

 • In her appearance in the Wembley Arena in London in front of thousands of crowds, she said confidently that One Coin is on course to become the world's biggest cryptocurrency.

• She called it “One Coin a Bitcoin Killer and in two years, nobody will speak about Bitcoin  anymore!"

 • People get cash but not as expected many people didn’t get anything.

Investigation and Charges against Ruja Ignatova-

Ruja Ignatova: FBI's most wanted fugitive

Just three months after her grand appearance in Wembley Arena in London, UK Financial Conduct Authority issued a warning to the One Coin investors "Beware trading virtual currencies with One Coin."

And then a series of investigations began-

 • The City of London Police also started the investigation in 2016. 

 • In August 2017 FCA removed its notice from its website. The City of London Police dropped its own investigation citing a lack of evidence.

 • But due to US Federal Authorities' intervention, she was first charged in US District Court in October 2017.

 • After that she flew from Bulgaria to Athens, Greece on 25th Oct, then disappear and was never seen.

• She was charged by US Federal Authorities with wire and security fraud and money laundering in 2018.

• In a recent development to the case, the FBI added her to their top 10 most wanted list and offers a $100,000 reward to the person who gives information of her whereabouts.

Where is She Now?

No one knows where she is now.  She ran away with approximately $500m. One Investigator from the FBI reported there are many possibilities-

 •  Maybe she is hiding in Frankfurt, Germany, or moved to Russia and Dubai.
 • There is a chance that she did plastic surgery and fake her identity.
 • Another speculation is that she is murdered by criminals who are involved in this crime.

What is true is not known but the FBI speed up their investigation, to bring her to court.

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