Benefits of OM Chanting Silently | Scientific and Spiritual Benefits of OM

Benefits of OM Chanting Silently | Scientific and Spiritual Benefits of OM
Benefits of 'OM' Chanting

‘OM’- A mantra that defines enlightenment. It’s a vibration of universal consciousness. Chanting Om is a sacred and devotional practice of uniting small mind (our consciousness) and bigger mind (universal consciousness). 

Chanting Om or Aum is a practice of energizing body and mind. The spiritual benefits of chanting om carry a lot of significance in our spiritual upliftment. It raises our meditation practice and fills us with divinity. When chanted correctly our body gets overwhelmed with peace, positivity, and energy. This mantra is considered to be the amulet of our soul that protects us from all negative energies.

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 Meaningful Purpose Of Each Syllable of ‘AUM’

Om Mantra has some mystical strength, it elevates our soul. This mantra is pronounced as AUM and each of these 3 syllables has some eternal purposes.

  • A- It alludes to the ‘conscious mind'- the doer of all actions. This sound is evolved from the back of the throat. Then finally creates a stream of vibration in the chest and solar network of nerves.
  • U- This syllable means the ‘sub-conscious mind- the planner of all actions.’ It creates a stream of vibration in the throat.
  • M- Finally the last syllable is equivalent to the ‘unconscious state- the state of deep sleep.’ It indicates the deep silence of finite.


Well, Om not only symbolizes spirituality and religious practices. This small word has immense power to heal many mental and physical health sufferings. It is a medicine that has no side effects. Let’s observe some other benefits of OM.

Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Om Mantra

  1. Om helps to ease stomach issues

Om chanting promotes gut health. Studies have indicated that chanting Om regularly relaxes the muscles of the stomach. It works best when you have a stomach ache. This mantra chanting is also considered to be the reliever of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

   2. Cardiovascular Benefits

cardiovascular benefits

Studies have suggested that meditation with the chanting of Om intensifies its benefits. While practicing mindful meditation with chanting hymns of Om will relax our body and mind and bring down the blood pressure to the normal levels And hence our heart will beat with a regular rhythm.

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  3. Improvement in the voice

When we chant Om, a vibration is felt through our vocal cords. This gives strength to these vocal cords and muscles around them. This process clears the vocal cords and opens up the sinuses.

  4. Works for Skin Health

It is even found that this Mantra may provide a glow to the skin. The increased levels of internal positive energy and purity of aura that comes from chanting Om constantly will be reflected on our skin. This makes the skin salubrious.

  5. Detoxification of Body

It is also known that Chanting Om will aid in detoxifying our bodies. It removes all the harmful toxins and makes us feel refreshed.

The breathing process involved in chanting this mantra improves the blood circulation and oxygen supply to the cells. Hence it helps to look young for a longer period.

 6. Helpful for Thyroid Gland

The sound that is generated from chanting Om is said to be quite beneficial for the thyroid gland. As the vibration from the vocal cords impact the thyroid directly and manages and stimulates its function.

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  7. Strengthening of Spinal Cord

When we chant Om, in the beginning, there is a AA sound whose vibrations strengthen our spinal cord. This sound is originated from the abdomen that helps to strengthen the supporting muscles of the spinal cord.

  8. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

stress and anxiety

When we are in a meditative state and chant this powerful mantra, we feel unburdened. It creates a calm and peaceful aura of positive energies around us. This helps to release the stress and help in healing our minds.

It also helps to control your anger and build tolerance. Thus your stress-free mind will also reduce your worries, anxieties, and depression.

 9. Increased Concentration Power

As previously said the Om will reduce all negative burdens. This will create space for clarity of thoughts and high concentration powers. It helps to get connected with your inner self and so increases our awareness and concentration.

Consequently, there are lots of benefits of chanting om silently it increases our focus and improves our thought process.

 10. Reinforce Spirituality

Lastly, Chanting Om regularly glorifies our spiritual journey and we feel that we are in a perfect blissful state. It helps in purifying our mind and sacred and we feel more connected to our spiritual powers. This also helps in exploring and discovering our hidden energies.



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