Why Do Tears Come To Your Eyes When You Cry?

Why Do Tears Come To Your Eyes When You Cry?

Have you ever wondered why do we cry and where do tears come from? It’s a universal fact we all cry for a host of various reasons. It could be because of feeling sad, overwhelmed, and happy or just simply due to chopping onions. Scientists have researched and found out why do tears come to our eyes when we cry. This guide encloses the reasons as well as some amazing benefits about the liquid that fills your eyes.

What Is In Our Tears?

With no surprise, tears are water. However, this liquid contains fatty oils, salt, and 1500+ proteins. There are 3 layers of tears. At first, we have a layer called ‘Mucus’ that keeps our eye in moisture. Secondly, we have an aqueous layer that hydrates the eyes & flushes out bacteria. At last, we have an oily layer that keeps your eye’s moisture from evaporation.

A good balance between the 3 ensures you have good eye health. In case you have any eye disease, you develop watery eyes. It happens because the eyes want to compensate for the absence of these 3 components.

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Three Kinds of Tears

1. Basal Tears

Basal tears are basic tears. They can roll into your eyes at any time. Basal tears contain mucus, oil, salt, and water that fight infections. The oily layer keeps tears in place & protects them from evaporating into the atmosphere.

2. Irritant/Reflex Tears

Irritant tears are eyewash tears. It comes out when you peel onions, vomit, or be around dust. It can flush out irritants and keep your eyes clean.

3. Emotional or Psychic Tears

Emotional tears gush because of strong emotions like grief, joy, anger, or sadness. It contains chemicals mostly stress hormones. These tears carry some message (either unintended or intended).

What Causes Tears?

As stated earlier, there could be a number of reasons behind the tears. Some common triggers include:

  1. Chemical fumes
  2. Bright lights
  3. Strong smells
  4. Dust
  5. Onions
  6. Screen time
  7. Reading tiny text or focusing on something for a longer duration

Any sort of pain can also trigger tears. It can also result in a slow heart rate.

Benefits of Crying

Researchers found out that crying offers some benefits that can have an impact on your mind and body. Here are the advantages of it,

1. Detoxify Your Body: Crying flushes dust, smoke, and debris from eyes

2. Helps Self-Soothe: It is the best mechanism to self-soothe and relaxes body and mind

3. Dulls Pain: Crying releases endogenous opioids and oxytocin that lets you feel good and ease the emotional pain

4. Improves Mood: It lifts your spirit and provides pleasure to your mind and body

5. Rallies Support: When you feel blue, tears are the one that supports you and provide you comfort

6. Restore Emotional Balance: Crying restores emotional equilibrium, as per researchers.

7. Helps Recover From Grief: Tears lets you go through the grieving process, guilt, anger, numbness, and sorrow

Now you know why do tears come to your eyes when you cry and how beneficial it could be in some conditions.

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