Why is it Beneficial to Hire Dedicated Developers from a Company Instead Of Freelancers?

Why is it Beneficial to Hire Dedicated Developers from a Company Instead Of Freelancers?

In this digitalized era, website development and smartphone application development have reached their peak. Now more and more companies are looking for skilled and proficient developers. But one fundamental question companies are struggling to answer is whether they should hire dedicated developers or go with freelancers. The simplest answer is to hire developers from reputed outsourcing companies like Agnito Technologies. Here’s why it is beneficial compared to freelancers.

Dedicated Developers Vs Freelance Developers

1. Diverse Expertise

Every company has different requirements. Hiring a professional developer over a freelancer lets you taste much technological expertise. Proficient developers, QA specialists, managers, designers possess a professional attitude that makes the communication fluent.

2. Agile Development

Being agile means improving your services based on the current future trend. When you hire developers, you are equipped with technical assistance regarding a wide range of technologies. For example, if you hire PHP developer, you get full assistance with respect to PHP technology trends and software. Freelancers lack knowledge of wide technologies and don’t fit your company.

3. Stability & Continuity

Dedicated coders are steadfast toward their work as they believe in completing the task at hand without delay. Hiring remote developers from the best outstanding company maintains stability and continuity of your project activities.

4. Security

Hiring offshore developers gives you the assurance of keeping business ideas, data, secrets, and everything related to the project secure. You will undergo an NDA agreement that binds you and the outsourcer. Freelancer doesn’t provide you with a high level of security.

5. Top-Quality Work Delivered

Dedicated developers are best known for proper planning & management of projects. When you deliver the project to Agnito coders, the specialists will undergo planning, scheduling & managing. The best thing is that dedicated programmers complete tasks within the timeframe.

6. Maintenance and Support

Yes, outsourcing companies provide 24x7/365 days of technical support and maintenance to worldwide clients. Any sort of error or security issue will get resolved without any hassle.

Why Choose Agnito Technologies?

Agnito Technologies being an expert in off-shore mobile and web development offer incredible solutions to worldwide business, startup & enterprises. Their 10+ years of expertise yield quality output and at the same time saving big bucks on developments.

Here you can hire dedicated AngularJS developers, or any other developer in a specific domain to meet the requirements of your projects. You can also have your own in-house software development team that handles all your business projects.

For more information, you can visit and get engaged with the development process. They also facilitate scheduling interviews with their developers.

Bottom Line

Companies that go with freelancers over dedicated developers have a hard time completing their projects on time. That’s why it is beneficial to hire a dedicated developer from a company instead of a freelancer. You can have the top-rated web developers at your fingertips that will upgrade your company's reputation and performance. However, it’s important to consider project priorities before selecting the developers. 

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