Why is Russia attacking Ukraine, Know Here?

Why is Russia attacking Ukraine, Know Here?

After a long discussion and committing not to send troops to Ukraine, finally on Wednesday the President of Russia Vladimir Putin ordered his troops in. Whereas the Ukraine government announced to carry firearms for self defence. The Ukraine authorities said, “the law was needed due to existing threats and dangers for the citizens of Ukraine”.

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What’s the full matter?

Since 2014, the war between the countries has started, and focused on the Crimea and some parts of Donbas which are officially parts of Ukraine country. As the result, the Russia was removed from G8( now known as G7).

The International Sanctions And Condemnation also turned against Russia, it had helped Russia in their financially crisis during 2014-17.

The tension between the countries has escalated once again, especially from the last year. Putin was denying attacking Ukraine, but on 21 February 2021 he kept his military on the border of the countries which he called a “peacekeeping” troops. On Wednesday, he ordered his army to enter in the Ukraine.

Whereas the Ukraine government and president Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has warned Russian president and called it as a action war. Zelenskyy also announced the martial law on the Ukraine.

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What does Putin want?

President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, wants assurance from Ukraine to get demilitarizes and become neutral state. Putin wants guarantee from the West not to include NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), which is an alliance of 30 countries.

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India’s Reaction

The Indian Government has started to evacuate Indian citizens from Ukraine. As well as shown a deep concern on the present situation of Ukraine. The Indian Embassy released statement, where they advised Indian students to leave the country temporarily. “Student are advised, in the interest of their safety, to leave Ukraine temporarily, rather than wait for an official confirmation from universities”, said the Indian embassy.

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