22-Year-Old Woman Makes Rs 90,000 in a Week Doing No Proper Job

22-Year-Old Woman Makes Rs 90,000 in a Week Doing No Proper Job
This Woman Makes Rs 90,000 in a Week

Everyone wants to be rich and successful but money doesn't come so easily and if someone claims they earn thousands a day without doing anything, mark it as a fraud. But Atlanta Martin is smartly making Rs 90,000 a week and she is only 22.

Sounds something is fishy but this is all true. This woman earns more than corporate employees without doing a proper 9-5 job. Though she had a regular job as a flight dispatcher which she quit in 2021.

So, what's the secret of Atlanta Martin's money-making hack?

Atlanta Martin's Secret of Making Money Faster

woman makes rs 90,000

Smart Work, Yes if you know how to work smartly rather than spending 9 to 10 hours on the desk thinking it's the only way. 

Atlanta is a delivery girl and she works for different delivery apps like Just Eat, Beelivery, UberEats, etc. But she does not do it alone. 

Her boyfriend Benjamin Hasker is a partner in this job. He drives, mostly in the night shift, to deliver packages to customers across Brighton. Together, both Atlanta and Benjamin work almost 11 hours a day. 

The longest shift they did was 24 hours long. Well, that is too much but their job involves fun too. Sometimes, they end their day at Domino's or McDonald's to enjoy food.

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woman makes rs 90000

All this smart and hard work makes her earn £1000 per week which is around Rs 90,000. There's no shame in doing delivery jobs if all you need is money and a non-desk job.

And when food delivery apps are covering the most share of the market such jobs will increase giving a good opportunity for people struggling to find a job. 

But there are a few people who are lucky to get paid for doing nothing. A 38-year-old man Shoji Morimoto from Tokyo earns 10,000 yen for not working. 

He just spends his time with clients who need him as a companion. If this shocked you, then let us tell you there are weird jobs around the world that pays you for doing easy work. 

People even get paid for saying sorry, giving hugs, standing in a queue for someone else, watching movies, and simply sleeping. 

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