World Social Media Day: Positive Impacts Of Social Media In Our Lives

World Social Media Day: Positive Impacts Of Social Media In Our Lives

Social media has become our new partner. We cannot deny that social networking sites have become a massive part of our lives. People of every age are using social media today.

Social media has not only changed the meaning of life but has also contributed to our development. But just like yin yang, social media has some positive as well as negative impacts.

Though we always keep pointing out the disadvantages of social media, on World Social Media Day we recount some of the positive aspects of social media we cannot ignore.

Social Media Increases Empathy

According to several researches, social media helps in increasing empathy in people. It lets individuals think from someone else's perspective and connect to them by seeing their story.

Also on social media everyone is eager to share their story, this helps people in discussing their issues and knowing that someone cares for them.

Social Media Helps You In Learning Several Things

Imagine we were stuck in a pandemic without any social media. Would it be so easy for us to learn about new things without social networking sites? In such an era when technology is coming with new inventions, everyday social media is helping us to learn about a lot of things.

It is also proving itself to be beneficial in spreading awareness and education about anything you want to learn. People can now educate themselves about mental health, several courses, new languages, and whatnot with just a single click.

Social Media Unites People To Talk About Important Issues

The biggest benefit of using social media is that you can talk about several important issues. From mental health to social issues, you can talk about anything and get people's opinions about it.

Also, social media allows people to connect with therapists, psychologists, social activists, NGOs, and other people who are working to make a change in society. 

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Helps You In Being Connected With Your Loved Ones

Many times we lose touch with people due to different cities, different universities, or other issues. But it is an advantage of social media that you can be connected with your family or friends whenever you want wherever you are.

Social media is continuously bridging the gap between people by making them feel close. You can just video call anyone through any social networking site to feel their presence.

You Can Make Friends With Just One Click

Don't you think that it was easy to make friends during childhood? But as we grew up it has become the most difficult task. Asking people to be friends is not that easy now, but social media has solved this problem. With the help of social networking sites, you can connect with anyone with whom you relate.

News And Information Can Be Spread Faster

The biggest advantage of using social media is you can spread important information and news with just one click. It not only helps people in getting news faster but also makes them aware of what is happening in the world.

Due to certain reasons, it is undeniable that electronic and print media cannot publish news at the very minute. But with the help of social media one can get the slightest news in just a few minutes. Also sometimes the media is not aware of several issues and events but the social media users inform about such incidents with the social networking sites. 

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Everything has a positive and negative side. We need to think about what are we getting from social media, a good helpful outcome, or any negative impact. If used carefully, social media can be the most powerful tool for the development of the world. So choose wisely how do you want to use social media and what are you getting influenced by. 
Happy social media day everyone!!!!

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