Would You Buy These World’s Most Expensive Fruits? No.3 Would Blow Your Mind

Would You Buy These World’s Most Expensive Fruits? No.3 Would Blow Your Mind
Would You Buy These World’s Most Expensive Fruits? No.3 Would Blow Your Mind

If it is rare, it is going to be expensive even if it’s a fruit. But, what would you say if a kg of ordinary fruits like mango or watermelon cost you more than a beautiful diamond necklace? Surely, you’d call us mad but we ain’t joking. Check out our list of most expensive fruits below, we bet everything will seem cheap to you in front of them.

10 Most Expensive Fruits in the World Not Anyone can Buy

10. Buddha-Shaped Pears

buddha shaped pears

These weird-shaped pears might be ordinary in taste but very expensive. A farmer from China, Xianzhang Hao, experimented with pears and tried to grow them in the shape of Buddha.

He got success and now he is selling each of them for an unbelievable price. It cost around $8-$9 (610-687 INR) for just one piece. Would you buy it?

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09. Sekai Ichi Apples

An apple keeps a doctor away, but saving money on this fruit would cost you even less than a clinic visit. This is Sekai Ichi apple from Japan and also known as ‘World’s number one. They are cross varieties of Golden and Red delicious apples and are generally juicy and sweet in taste.

In the market, they are sold as devils apple and per piece cost $20 i.e. INR 1525.48 as per the current dollar price. Why so expensive? It’s because of their large size and being washed in honey.

08. Queen Strawberries

sembikiya Queen Strawberries

Do you love the red and juicy strawberries? If yes, would you spend thousands to get a pack of 12? Maybe not if the variety is Sembikiya Queen Strawberries. These are sold only as a luxury gift and that is to be a price of $214 per pound. It’s Rs 16322.64 as per the current rate.

Why so costly? Well, no exact reason except they are grown above the soil and handpicked. Their shape, size, and texture are rich than normal strawberries.

07. Dekopon Oranges

most expensive fruits

Oranges are great for our health but the ones shown in pics is not everyone’s cup of tea. These are mandarin oranges famously known as Dekopon in Japan and are produced by mixing Ponkan and Kiyoma varieties.

The result is a sweet citrus fruit with no seeds but it cost around $80 to get six dekopan oranges. This is roughly Rs 6000. You can get a nice dress or jewelry in this budget, why spend on buying oranges.

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06. Taiyo no Tamago

most expensive mango

Seems like a mango, well it is but this one is grown with extensive care and weight up to 900g. Usually, Tamago is grown in Japan but recently a farmer from MP has cultivated Tamago in his farmhouse.

Selling only a single piece can make him lakhpati as it cost around Rs 1 lakh because of its bright ruby red color and unusual taste. Taiyo no Tamago is also called an egg of the sun.

05. Ruby Roman Grapes

ruby roman grapes

Ruby Roman is the most expensive grape in the world and farmers grow them in a strict environment to get at least one bunch of premium grade. Each grape is measured for its size, color, and shape.

It should be ruby red in color and at least 20 grams in weight. Each piece is inspected carefully for its sugar content as well which should not be more than 18%. What else makes them unique is their price, one bunch of Ruby Roman are sold in the ranges of $90-$140.

If they weigh 30 grams then the cost goes up to $180. These are items of luxury in Japan and are sold as gifts.

04. Pineapple of Cornwall

pineapple from lost gardens of cornwall

You won’t find pineapple so costly anywhere else in the world other than Cornwall, UK. This is the last area in the entire Europe where pineapples are cultivated and they need a special environment for it. Farmers use manure soaked in horse urine to grow the fruit.

After hard labor, an ordinary-looking pineapple is grown. Well, they are not sold generally but once it was auctioned for $16,000.

03. Cubed Watermelon

square watermelon

Ever seen a square watermelon? If you have ever been to Japan you would have seen different shapes of melon, heart, or cubed. Well, they look cute but not within budget. They are usually not big in size and are grown in glass cubes to restrict their shape and are the costliest watermelons in the world.

Want to know the price? Around Rs 60,000.

02. Densuke Watermelon

densuke watermelon

If cubed watermelon seems expensive to you, what about this spotless watermelon. It looks no different but its unique flavor makes them one of the most expensive fruits in the world.

They are grown in Japan’s Hokkaid island and weigs up to 11 kgs. The price of one goes up to $6000 which is approx Rs 4.5 Lakh.

01. Yubari King Melon

most expensive fruit in the world

Here comes the most expensive fruit in the world, it is Yubari King Melon and very famous among the wealthiest people of Japan. These melons are brought as a gift during the traditional festival –the Chugen Ghost festival.

The reason behind their unbelievable price is the hard work of farmers and their cultural value. Each piece is sold at a whopping cost of $200 and in 2019 two yubari melons were sold at a record cost of $45,000. It's Rs 34 Lakhs.  

So, what are your thoughts on these overpriced fruits in the world?

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