Why Indian Railways Trains Have 'X' Sign on the Last Bogie?

Why Indian Railways Trains Have 'X' Sign on the Last Bogie?

We all have traveled through trains one or the other time at some point in time. No doubt, the train makes our journey a lot interesting and enjoyable. But the most fascinating thing about trains is the signage and symbols outside of the train that most people fail to observe.

If you ever keenly observed the letter “X” and ever thought of what it means, then today we will uncover the truth behind it. Let’s know what is the meaning of “X” behind the train in detail.

Why Indian Railway Trains Have X?

The marks at the end of Indian Railways are mainly white & yellow. As per the rules and regulations of Indian Railways, “X” is mandatory at the end of all trains.

Along with the letter “X” you might have seen “LV” written on trains. Both the marks are made behind all the passenger trains that run in India.

First, let us know why “X” is written on the back of the train.

  1. X sign indicates that it’s the last coach of a particular train
  2. Railway officials confirm that a particular train has passed entirely when they see X sign at the back of the train. This ensures no coaches are left behind.
  3. X is used only in the morning. At night, an LED lamp is placed on the last coach that blinks and gives information about the passing of the train.
  4. In case, a train doesn’t have the symbol “X”, the official considers this as an emergency situation. It also means the train is running with some missing coaches. It keeps railway officials on high alert and makes them act quickly. They relocate the left-out/separated coach for the safety of the passengers.

Now you got an idea of why do trains have X at the back. Hope you find this information interesting and useful.

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What is LV?

Now, let's know what is “LV” and what it means. LV stands for “the last vehicle.” It is used as a check sign by signalmen, cabin personnel, and gatemen to make sure that Indian Railway trains pass as a whole without any coach left out.

The LV board goes undistinguished during the night. So, a red lamp is located in the middle of the last coach that makes the LV visible at night.

Now the meaning of the Cross X symbol behind train and LV is clear to you. Hope you liked this information about Indian Railways.

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