‘You Should Be Making Art For Yourself’: Bhopal's Promising Artist Shubhi Soni

‘You Should Be Making Art For Yourself’:  Bhopal's Promising Artist Shubhi Soni

Shubhi Soni is a rising artist from Bhopal who is serving us with a large variety of illustrations, canvases and visual art through her Instagram account ink.shades. In an exclusive interview with Agnito Today Shubhi talked about choosing art as a career, commissioned projects and perfecting the art:

Tell us about yourself?

I am Shubhi Soni, a beginner artist and mural artist. I have been interested in artwork since I was a child. Initially, I started with only sketches but soon I realized this is something that I want to pursue.

How and when you decided to turn art into your profession? 

I have been doing it professionally for the last 2 years. Currently, I am creating canvas painting, illustration art, doddle art, visual art, mixed media art, murals and paintings. It’s just the beginning and it’s a long road ahead.

How did your art evolve with time?

When I started practicing art, it was only self-sketches. Next, I did a 2-month basic art course which improved my artwork quite a lot. I started with live sketches as well. Practice is a never-ending process.

What themes do you follow in your art?

Most of my art pieces are theme-based. Most times it’s related to human nature and feelings. My thought process defines my theme.

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Which is your favourite artwork?

I must say it is my mural wall, the first-ever that I tried at home. I explored a lot through that mural. I thoroughly enjoyed the process.

Tell us about a real-life situation that inspired your art?

My inspiration is my mother from the beginning. She has always supported me. For the art, I get inspired by everything right from my fellow artists, my surroundings. Inspiration is everywhere.

When I was starting, I came across this page called Bombay Doodler, which inspired me a lot.

What is the one thing that you don’t like about the art world? 

A lot of times people copy your art and it’s not okay. If you want to copy something, first take the permission of the artist and also give them credit for it.

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Commissioned work is still not very common in India. Why do we need to fund art?

People are not much aware of the commissioned project in India yet. Artists are often undervalued. Commissioned projects have a lot of negotiations. Each piece of art has its own value and we should be paying for it. When an artist creates something, s/he puts thoughts, ideas, time and effort into it. It should be valued well.

Name 3 artists from which you would like to compare yourself?

You can never compare art. Every artist and every art has its own identity. I am inspired by every artist that I meet.

Best piece of advice related to art that you ever received?

The best piece of advice that I received is to never degrade your art. Everybody has their perspective, so you should never compare or degrade your artwork. You should be making art for yourself and your happiness.

What is your dream project?

My dream project is to paint with Street Art India and also paint few large murals. I will also have an exhibition.

Professionally, what’s your goal? 

Professionally I want to pursue an art and design career. I also want to be a successful muralist in the future.

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